Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 10:48 WIB

Polri Arrest Chinese Citizen on Charges of Human Trafficking

Head of the Public Information Bureau at Polri Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyom(inisiatifnews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian National Police (Polri) have arrested a Chinese citizen with the initials ANW aka Agus (54), for human trafficking through marrying Indonesian citizens with Chinese citizens.

"The suspect Agus started doing human trafficking business since May 2019, and made a profit of approximately IDR 70,000,0000 from every female victim that was successfully sent to China," said the Head of the Public Information Bureau at Polri Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo, in Jakarta.

Dedi said, the case was under investigation by the West Kalimantan Regional Police General Criminal Investigation Directorate.

The suspect Agus recruited the victims by asking the matchmaker for help in finding a victim called the bride and groom.

The matchmaker then took the victims to meet the suspect, then matched the victim with Chinese citizens.

"The victims were lured by a decent life in China, and the victim was promised to be given IDR 20,000,000 if they was willing to marry a foreign national," Dedi said.

At the beginning of the transaction, the suspect gave an initial payment of IDR 10,000,000 as a down payment, then the rest will be given again after the passport is made.

Previously, the suspect Agus asked for conditions in the form of identification card, family card, KK, and the victim's birth certificate to be used as a condition for making passport.

"The suspect added that none of the victims had reached China," Dedi said.

Previously, members of the West Kalimantan Regional Police had arrested eight Chinese citizens, one of whom acted as guardian of marriage.

The police confiscated evidence in the form of a marriage agreements, passports on behalf of Tang Xiubi, the suspect's account book, a total of IDR 1,102,000 in cash and one box containing a folder containing KK, the birth certificate and identity of the victim and the groom.