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BMKG Warns of Potential Six-Meter Waves in These Seas

BMKG Warns of Potential Six-Meter Waves in These Seas (akurat

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has warned the public to be aware of the potential of waves as high as 1.25 to 6 meters at a number of Indonesian waters in the next few days, namely 26-29 June 2019.

This appeal was submitted by the Public Relations Section and the BMKG Law and Organization Bureau on Wednesday (6/26/2019).

Increased high waves occur due to wind circulation patterns in the West Indian Ocean, Nias Islands, Singkawang North Waters and the North Pacific Ocean of Papua.

Wind patterns in the northern part of the equator are generally from South-West with speeds of 4-25 knots, while in the south the equator is generally from East-Southeast with speeds of 4-25 knots.

The highest wind speed was observed in the waters of South Banten, Sawu Sea, Sawu Island waters to Rotte Island, South Makassar Strait, Banda East Sea, Southeast Sulawesi, East Arafuru Sea, and Halmahera Sea.

This condition resulted in an increase in wave height around the area.

From the results of BMKG monitoring, a number of water areas such as the North Malacca Strait, East Waters of Simeulue Island to Mentawai Islands, East Sumba Strait and Ombai Strait, Anambas-Natuna Islands and Natuna Sea Waters, North Pangkalpinang Waters, East Bintan Islands to Lingga Waters, Karimata Strait and Gelasa Strait, Java Sea, North East Java Waters to Kangean Islands, South Kalimantan Waters, Kotabaru Waters, Sumbawa and Bali Sea, Central to South Makassar Strait, Selayar-Sabalana Islands Waters, Southern Bone Bay and Tolo Bay , The waters of the Baubau-Wakatobi Islands, Manui-Kendari waters, the southern waters of the Banggai-Sula Islands, the Flores Sea and the Seram Sea, the waters of South Ambon, the northern and southern Banda Sea, the Sermata Islands to Tanimbar, the Kei Islands to Aru, the Arafuru Sea , Fakfak-Kaimana waters, Amamapere-Agats waters, Sangihe-Talaud Islands waters, East Bitung waters , The waters of South North Sulawesi, Maluku Sea and Halmahera Sea, Halmahera Islands Waters, Raja Ampat-Sorong Waters, and North Pacific Ocean Halmahera Until Papua has the possibility of high waves with a height of 1.25 to 2.5 meters.

In addition, several other regions in Indonesia also have the potential to experience high waves reaching 2.5 to 4 meters. These waters include North Sabang Waters, West Aceh Waters to Nias Islands, Aceh West Indian Ocean, South Sumba Island, Sawu Island-Rotte Island, West Sumba Strait, West Sumba Strait, South Sape Strait, Sawu Sea, NTT South Timor Sea, and the South Indian Ocean NTT.

Not only that, several other Indonesian territorial waters such as the West Waters of the Mentawai Islands, Bengkulu-Enggano Islands, Western Waters of Lampung, West Indian Ocean Nias Islands to Lampung, South Sunda Strait, South Java Waters to Sumbawa, Bali-Lombok-Alas Strait the southern part, the southern part of the Bali-Lombok-Alas Strait, and also the southern Indian Ocean of Java to NTB has the potential to experience higher waves with a range of 4 to 6 meters.

High-wave potential in some of these areas can pose a risk to shipping safety.

To that end, BMKG always appealed to people who live or move on the coast, especially fishermen who use fishing boat transportation modes (wind speeds of more than 15 knots and wave height above 1.25 m), barges (wind speeds of more than 16 knots and wave height above 1.5 m), ferry (wind speed of more than 21 knots and wave height above 2.5 m), large vessels such as cargo ships and yachts (wind speeds of more than 12 knots and wave height above 4.0 m). Always stay alert.