Tuesday, 09 March 2021 | 04:38 WIB

East Java Mulls Developing Islamic Science Park

East Java Mulls Developing Islamic Science Park (jatimpos)

KEDIRI, NETRALNEWS.COM - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa wants the construction of the Islamic Science Park to become a gravity for global Islamic finance in Indonesia.

"We want the Islamic Science Park to be gravitational to Islamic finance. If we are the world's largest Muslim, Indonesia, we should be able to prepare enough of the world's largest markets," said Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

The governor also acknowledged that the development of the Islamic Science Park needed a process, so that for now the infrastructure was indeed being prepared.

"So we want to prepare the infrastructure. At the same time, we hope that the Islamic Science experts will also be Islamic Finance. So we hope that these two experts can maximize the idea of ​​having an Indonesian Islamic Science Park," she said.

Khofifah continued that the construction of the Islamic Science Park was intended as a moderation center in the world, called Wasathiyah Islam, in which moderate Islam was built from Indonesia. In East Java the system is strong, considering that in East Java the number of Islamic boarding schools is the largest, and there are many Islamic experts.

For the plan of the Islamic Science Park, the Governor said that it was hoped that there would also be halal villages, with halal culinary.

She considered that it would be interesting and would develop, in Japan, for example, the development of halal food was extraordinary now which then boosted Islamic banking in Tokyo.

"It feels like resonance can be taken from a reference in Tokyo, which we can prepare a halal food format, Islamic banking. We also have the same opportunity, more than that it can be the center of moderate Islamic world. They can do learning in Indonesia, in East Java more specifically, "Khofifah said, as reported by Antara.

For the planned realization of the development, the East Java Provincial Government is coordinating with the Surabaya-Madura Regional Development Agency (BPWS). The land is planned to be supported by BPWS, with plans for land needed up to 101 hectares. It has prepared the plan with a composition of 20 percent education, 30 percent artistry, and 50 percent entertainment.

The governor also added that next week it plans to discuss this with the State Secretariat, so that the Perpres will be completed soon. If that is done, the team can work right away.

Regarding the location, the Governor said the plan was at the foot of the Suramadu Bridge in the Bangkalan area. In that location there is already land, but not yet up to 101 hectares. In fact, many investors are now interested.

"A lot has to offer. The President also asked about where the finance is, there are those who are ready to form a consortium. I have already said. Then in East Java, there are those who want to take part. Some bring investors who are also interested in taking part of the coast. , 20 percent education, 30 percent art, 50 percent recreation. That point definitely needs specifications and interests from investors. We wait for the format of the business after the BPWS team is finished, "Khofifah said.