Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 12:14 WIB

Court Sentences Yusuf Valent to Nine Months Over Lumina Tower Dispute

Court Sentences Yusuf Valent to Nine Months Over Lumina Tower Dispute (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The trial session of alleged fraud in the purchase of floors 7 and 8 of the Lumina Tower Kuningan Place, with the defendant Yusuf Valent, has finally arrived at the end point, namely the reading of the verdict from the Panel of Judges chaired by Asiady Sembiring.

In a hearing at the South Jakarta District Court, the Judge sentenced the Chief of PT Kuningan Megah Perkasa to nine months prison term with a 1.5-year trial period.

The case originated from the purchase of the 7th and 8th floor units in Kuningan Place by PT Brahma Adiwidia to PT KMP, where defendant Yusuf Valent as the Managing Director of PT KMP and PT Brahma, who was represented by Tjung Lina, received information from Indri Djati Gautama, who at the time of the transaction mentioned was Commissioner.

After proceeding, PT Brahma apparently could not use the purchased units, and felt aggrieved, and thus finally chose to report to the police. The reported parties were Yusuf Valent and Indri Djati Gautama, but in the end, only Yusuf Valent was put on trial.

One of the evidences in the case determined by the trial was a legalized copy of the purchase of the units, which became the object of the dispute at Kuningan Place between PT Kuningan Megah Perkasa and PT Brahma Adiwidia.

The defendant filed an appeal against the verdict handed down in a hearing held on Monday (07/15/2019).

The reporting party, Lina, after the trial, thanked the court for the fair judgment. Tjung Lina was also grateful that this case was proven at the trial, even though the probation was handed down by the judge.

Tjung Lina said, reflecting on this case, the Indonesian people must be careful with the latest mode of fraud, namely, collaboration between Religious Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Both of them developed office units or apartments together, which ultimately benefited entrepreneurs by taking advantage of the position of religious leaders.

"The reason I open this fact is because I want the public to know and be vigilant. At present, such conditions are used by a number of people to deceive Indonesians," said Tjung Lina.

Some Residents Have Not Received Rights

In the same place, several residents of Kuningan Place also complained that until now they did not have ownership title. They had been buying property units since 2008.

"Until now, since buying [property] in 2008, there has not been a proper letter of function, let alone any building usage permit certificates," the two said.

Until now, it has not been proven that there have been made any Apartment Residents Association (PPRS) in the Kuningan Place apartment. There is only a simple PPRS formed by the company.

In fact, residents have paid contributions to the PPRS, but do not know the usage of fees that they have deposited so far.

"We never knew where our money was deposited. There was never a meeting,".