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JDNI: Hospitals See Impact of High Prevalence of Child Smokers

JDNI: Hospitals See Impact of High Prevalence of Child Smokers

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Andi Khomeini Takdir Haruni, Chairperson of the Junior Doctors Network of Indonesia (JDNI), says doctors and health workers working in hospitals have seen for themselves the impact of the high prevalence of child smokers in Indonesia.

"We at the ones at the hospitals that are feeling the brunt of this situation. More and more children are affected by acute respiratory infections, asthma, and cancer," Andi said in Jakarta, on Wednesday (11/09/2019).

Therefore, JDNI fully supports the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) against the Djarum Badminton Scholarship Auditions, which has now became a public issue.

Andi said that even though PB Djarum did not teach children to smoke directly, the audition made the children see the image of cigarettes as a normal and good product, and therefore smoking iss considered not a problem.

"This incident is a momentum for the Indonesian people to further discuss the effects of addictive substances in the form of cigarettes. Let's discuss this matter properly," he said.

Andi continued that the health community in Indonesia had long been worried about the rise of child smokers. The government, through the Indonesia Ministry of Health, has a goal of reducing the prevalence of child smokers.

"However, the prevalence of child smokers actually increased. According to the Basic Health Research in 2018, the prevalence of child smokers rose from 7.2 percent to 9.1 percent," he said, as quoted by Antara.

Andi believes the number is only the tip of the iceberg, with the larger figures not visible.