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Nunukan Port Still in Operation Despite Thick Haze

Nunukan Port Still in Operation Despite Thick Haze (merahputih)

NUNUKAN, NETRALNEWS.COM - Regional marine transport services using the Nunukan-Tarakan speedboat route in North Kalimantan continues to operate despite the haze covering the waterways.

Information compiled at the Liem Hie Djung Port, West Nunukan Sub-district, states that the Nunukan-Tarakan voyage continues as long as the haze obscures the path being crossed.

"Every day the speed boat also goes to Tarakan despite the smog," said Jamal, a fast boat ticket agent at the Liem Hie Djung Port, Saturday (09/14/2019).

Speed ​​boat drivers anticipate visibility barriers by using the Global Position System (GPS).

Jamal said speed boat drivers usually avoid accidents at sea by reducing speed.

He also said the smog that hit Nunukan this time was not as bad as in 2018.

Jamal said the speed boat crew and passengers could still see the nearby island despite the haze. While last year, they could barely see the island.

A passenger from Tarakan City named Cong claimed the haze that covered the speedboat crossing did interfere with shipping.

However, visibility is still better than the previous year. "Visibility is still good," Jamal said, as reported by Antara.

Cong said the speed boat driver and passengers were still able to see through the smoke haze this time.

Meanwhile Jumri, the crew of KM Cattleya, admitted that they were confused because the visibility was covered with smog when entering Nunukan waters.

"When I arrived at Nunukan yesterday morning, I was not able to see Nunukan Island because of the haze in the morning," he said.