Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | 20:03 WIB

Police Arrest Teenagers Looking for a Brawl

Police Arrest Teenagers Looking for a Brawl (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Depok Police have nabbed dozens of teenagers who were about to commit mass brawl near Cimanggis Mall at Mekarsari, Depok. The police have seized several sharp weapons from the teenagers, including a couple of sickles and swords.

The teenagers—mostly 15-year olds—were from a group of teens in the Jembatan Biru area in Mekarsari. These dozens of teens were arrested when they were waiting for the Pondok Cibubur teenager group for a brawl.

Second Police Inspector Winam Agus from Depok Police’s Jaguar Team, said the two teenage groups clashed often, and were sworn enemies. They have often attacked one another at Jembatan Biru.

The locals who saw the teenage group reported that several teenagers were hanging out at around 03:00 Indonesian western time. The police responded quickly to prevent the brawl and seize the teenagers.

Winam said many of the locals have fallen victim of the frequent teenage brawls. The teenagers brawl to seek the identity and hometown existence on the areas of others.

The teenage students and their confiscated sharp weapons were taken to the Depok Police Criminal Investigation unit for investigation. Police also gave disciplinary punishment to the teenagers in the form of push-ups. Their parents will also be summoned to the police station.