Tuesday, 07 April 2020 | 22:40 WIB

Thieves Pretending to be Cake Sellers Get Arrested

Thieves Pretending to be Cake Sellers Get Arrested (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – The Jakarta Police has nabbed a pair of thieves who specialize in stealing from dorm rooms. The thieves were caught in the act when they were pretending to sell cakes. The thieves targeted dorm rooms with doors opened. 

Assistant Police Commissioner Hendy F Kurniawan from the Jakarta Metro Police said the police caught a pair of thieves specializing in dorm rooms at Tamansari, West Jakarta.

He said the modus operandi of the pair of thieves was by pretending to sell cakes. “Female suspect LM pretended to sell cakes and interact with the dorm room tenants. Meanwhile, male suspect BS watches the surrounding area,” he said.

Hendy added that in addition to offering cakes for sale, LM also observed the dorm rooms with open doors. If the dorm room’s door is open and there is no one inside, the female suspect then steal whatever valuables are in the room. “They never use any sharp weapons when stealing,” he said. (*)