Monday, 25 May 2020 | 08:05 WIB

North Sumatera Set to Host Tourism Promotion Organization Summit

North Sumatera Set to Host Tourism Promotion Organization Summit (special)

BUSAN, NETRALNEWS.COM - North Sumatra has been chosen to host the Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for the Asia Pacific Cities. The setting of host was conducted at the 9th General Session of the Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for Asia Pacific Cities in Busan, South Korea.

The choosing of the host was conducted through strict voting from several countries.

The Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for the Asia Pacific Cities is an international organization founded in 2002. The goal of the organization is to develop and promote tourism in the Asia Pacific region, especially the network of its members. At present there are 124 cities with membership from 15 countries expected to increase by 2021.

The 9th General Assembly of the TPO is held on September 25-28, 2019 at the Paradise Hotel in Busan, South Korea. The event was officially opened by Busan Governor Oh Keo Don, and attended by 700 district/city/provincial delegates from 15 countries.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office of North Sumatra Province Ria Telambanua lead the North Sumatra delegation, and is accompanied by Marketing Head of Muhclis and Head of Culture and Creative Economy Rismaria Hutabarat. They were given time to explain and promote North Sumatra tourism and culture at The 34th Executive Committee Meeting so North Sumatra could host the TPO General Session 2021 and succeed in getting votes from Executive Committee Meeting members and plenary votes from all TPO members present.

In this case, the Regent of Serdang Bedagai and Regent of Samosir were present, and given their support as part of the North Sumatra delegation. The two Regents also gave a presentation on the development of tourism in their area to the members present. Samosir Regent presented the beauty of Lake Toba and the nobleness of his culture. Whereas the Regent of Serdang Bedagai focused on developing farm tourism and village tourism.

The arrival of the delegation at the 10th TPO General Assembly in 2021 will certainly have a positive impact on the people of North Sumatra, especially the economic impact and an increase in networking among TPO members at that time. The Governor and Deputy Governor appreciated the performance of the Culture and Tourism Office and at the same time directed the Head of the Tourism Office of the Province to prepare everything as a host by coordinating with various parties, including the Ministry of Tourism and other stakeholders because this event brings Indonesia's good name in the Asia Pacific region.