Sunday, 05 April 2020 | 19:44 WIB

Anti-Terror Densus 88 Team Search Houses of Two Suspects in Bandarlampung

Anti-Terror Densus 88 Team Search Houses of Two Suspects in Bandarlampung (special)

BANDARLAMPUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Residents of Pelit , Enggal Subdistrict, Bandarlampung, were shocked when the 88 Special Detachment Team (Densus 88) of the Indonesia National Police (Polri) and the Bandarlampung Police searched two houses in the area. The searches were related to alleged terrorism activities on behalf of Riko and Yudistira.

Detachment 88 and the Bandarlampung Police conducted the first search at Riko's house in Gang Waway, and seized some evidence from his residence.

The search surprised many residents there, as they see Riko and Yudistira as sociable people.

"It was unexpected, because they were both good at getting along with local residents," said Parjono, one of Yudistira's neighbors.

In fact, Riko has just been appointed as the chief of the local funeral services team, and they are not closed people.

"What I know is that both of them work as glass cleaners for office buildings. Riko is the, contractor and Yudistira, also known as Yudi, as the worker," he said.

Yudi's mother, Masnun (70), said that her youngest child has never been different, and he was an ordinary person just like any other people.

"Yudi left home a week ago for work, and he only left us money for meals," she said.

From the information compiled by Antara, the two of them have left since one week ago from their respective residences and said they were leaving to work.

From the house of Riko, Detachment 88 seized evidence in the form of magnesium, yellow powder, and also LED lights. Until this news was revealed, the Detachment 88 Team was still searching Yudi's house.