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Wonderful Indonesia Wins Best Stand Feature at 2019 WTM London

Best Stand Feature at 2019 WTM London />
Wonderful Indonesia Wins Best Stand Feature at 2019 WTM London (kemenparekraf)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Wonderful Indonesia has been named the Best Stand Feature in the prestigious 2019 World Travel Mart(WTM) tourism market event in London, Britain.

Nia Niscaya, Deputy of Marketing Development II at the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Best Stand Feature award was given for the first time by WTM London organizers.

"This event was first made by WTM London organizers. The award was held in the context of the 40th anniversary of WTM London. During the 40 years of WTM London, this was the first time there were awards given for booth or pavilion appearance and display," Nia said on Thursday (11/07/2019).

Nia explained that there were five award categories given at the 40th anniversary of WTM London.

"In addition to the Best Feature Stand that we won, there is also the Best Stand Design, Best Stand for Doing Business, Best New Stand, and Best Travel Technology Stand," she said.

In addition, Deputy Assistant of Marketing Development II Regional IV at the Ministry of Tourism Agustini Rahayu explained that the Indonesian pavilion won due to several assessments.

"We received several evaluations, such as the design of the pavilion by displaying phinisi ship as focal points combined with the cultural texture of the Five Super Priority Destinations. The assessment team deemed the stand's display to be the most standing out and attracting attention and interest compared to other stands. Our cultural promotions and presentations are also unique, since we also promote local handicrafts, ethnic clothing, and others," Rahayu said.

Another assessment is the Wonderful Indonesia stand that carries culture, is very open, and invites visitors to visit the stand, as well as open up opportunities for cooperation.