Friday, 03 April 2020 | 14:41 WIB

How to Spot Fake and Hoax News

How to Spot Fake and Hoax News (needpix)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Former Press Council member Wina Armada Sukardi,  who now serves as Secretary of Honorary Council at the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), says there are at least seven characteristics of hoax, false, or fabricated news the public needs to observe.

According to him, the first feature of hoax news is that these kind of news are generally reported sensationally. In a sense, hoax articles intrigue people's feelings and emotions, and make the readers believe that the news is true.

"Secondly, the content is provocative, usually using the words 'Spread!' Or 'Fight!', "Wina said.

The third feature of the hoax news lies in the aspect of its actuality. According to Wina, hoax news made freely to the cater of the hoax news makers. Old news can be recycled again, rewritten as a new event that had just occurred. The fourth characteristic is that the source of news that is published is not clear.

"The fifth feature of hoax news is that it contains discriminatory elements in order to discredit other parties, while on the one hand, to glorify the other parties," explained the lecturer of Communication Law Science at Tarumanagara University.

Wina explained that the sixth feature is that hoax news is seen from the style of writing that inserted signs. For example, there are upper and lower case letters placed at the wrong positions.

"The seventh feature is that hoax news have gone through the editing process, in the sense that there is information that has been cut or added unnecessarily," Wina added.

Therefore, he hopes, the public should be vigilant with the flood of information in social media. He believes that socializing and educating the younger generation on hoax or fabricated news can provide more improvements for the nation and country.