Thursday, 28 January 2021 | 00:30 WIB

Plastic Waste Problem in Indonesia Must Be Tackled Together

Plastic Waste Problem in Indonesia Must Be Tackled Together (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, have asked the participation of the entire public and communities to tackle and handle waste management, and hopes this involvement will become a culture that is applied in everyday life.

"To everyone, please do not throw away anymore trash or litter starting now, especially plastic waste.We must fight this garbage problem together.This is a joint enemy, no matter what our religion, tribe, rich or poor," Luhut said at Cilincing, North Jakarta.

Minister Luhut said the garbage problem is in the spotlight of the world, and Indonesia, according to him, is the second country after China as largest garbage producer in the world.

Now the issue of the world is about cleanliness or garbage. Many leaders and intellectuals do not realize how important this garbage problem is.

On the occasion, Luhut made a visit to the area surrounding Cilincing Fish Auction site and waste management places. The minister also operated a garbage excavator that removes waste to the garbage trucks.

When looking at the garbage heap in the river, Luhut asked residents to maintain cleanliness around and not throw garbage into the sea. He said he would not be bored reminding people not to throw plastic waste into the sea because it would have a negative impact on health.

"I urge the people not to dispose of plastic again into the sea because the plastic litter will be eaten by fish, contaminate the sea, and in the long term it will destroy the generation, we must agree to clean up together," said Coordinating Minister Luhut.

When asked by the media about the fate of plastic factories, Coordinating Minister Luhut said, "They can use plastic for other materials, but the important thing is that we all have to agree not to dispose plastic waste into the sea, put it in the right place while we reduce it. Because the plastic is 40% imported, so we do not want to have trouble in the future, our young generation will be stupid, get cancer. We will learn as we go on two weeks. The United Nations has responded positively to the Indonesian movement over this matter, "he replied.

Coordinating Minister Luhut added that plastic waste can be utilized and processed for other things that are beneficial to society.

"We can process plastic waste into material for road construction and save up to 10% of road construction expenses. This already exists in India. We have signed MoU with India, Ministry of Public Works, and related ministries. In India there have been several kilometers of roads built using plastic material”, he told reporters.