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Indonesia First Lady Iriana Visits K-Beauty Festival in Busan

Indonesia First Lady Iriana Visits K-Beauty Festival in Busan (netralnews)

BUSAN, NETRALNEWS.COM - On the sidelines of accompanying Indonesia President Joko Widodo on a number of work agendas in South Korea, First Lady Iriana has attended an event intended for First Ladies and First Men. One of them is visiting the ASEAN-Republic of Korea (RoK) K-Beauty Festival at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), on Wednesday (11/27/2019).

Arriving at the venue around 10:00 local time, Mrs. Iriana was welcomed by the Wife of the President of South Korea, Mrs. Kim Jung-sook. Mrs. Iriana then visited a number of stands displaying various beauty products from South Korea and ASEAN countries.

After the booth visits, Mrs. Iriana along with the wives of ASEAN leaders witnessed the presentation of the beauty industry in South Korea. Mrs. Iriana was seen sitting between the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) Mrs. Siti Hasmah, and the wife of Thai PM Mrs. Naraporn Chan-ocha.

Also present were the Wife of Vietnamese PM Trần Thị Nguyệt Thu, the Wife of Laotian PM Naly Sisoulith, and the Wife of Philippines President Honeylet Avencana.

Mrs. Iriana said she was satisfied visiting the event, and expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Kim, who had initiated the event. According to Mrs Iriana, self-care is important, especially for women their age.

"Thank you for Madam Kim's initiative for the K-Beauty exhibition program," said Mrs. Iriana.

In the event that carries the theme "ASEAN Beauty Touches The World", Mrs. Iriana and the wives of the leaders of other countries were also entertained by the appearance of South Korean band Cosmic Girl. At the end of the event, Mrs. Iriana and the wives of other countries' leaders took a group photo.

After attending the K-Beauty Festival, Mrs. Iriana then headed to the Paradise Hotel, Busan, to attend a luncheon hosted by Mrs. Kim Jung-sook.

During the K-Beauty Festival and lunch, Mrs. Iriana was accompanied by the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea, Mrs. Siti Nila Purnama Hadi.