Friday, 04 December 2020 | 03:18 WIB

Police Arrest Mother of Two Children for Dealing Meth

Police Arrest Mother of Two Children for Dealing Meth (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - South Jakarta Police has managed to arrest a housewife named Emilia Kontesa (EK) at a boarding house on Jalan Sawo, Tebet, South Jakarta. The 35-year-old woman was arrested for dealing crystal methamphetamines—locally known as shabu—that are hidden in brochures.

"We have arrested a housewife who has two children, this mother with initials EK, we arrested about three days ago as a result of public information," said Deputy of Narcotics Crime Unit of South Jakarta Police, Police Commissioner Vivick Tjangkung.

She said that based from information received by the Police, it was often seen that many people had visited the boarding house where EK lived.

"From the results of the disclosure, we found several packets of shabu that are ready to be circulated in a brochure, and we found a pile of brochures there (in the suspect's residence)," she said.

According to Vivick, the EK circulated the shabu by hiding it in the brochures of cosmetic products and apartments. This is a new mode.

"This is a new mode in our opinion, because it is packaged nicely with cosmetic brochures and apartment brochures," she said.

According to Vivick, from the acknowledgment of EK, every transaction of goods with the customer, EK only receive orders by phone from a colleague with initials B.

"B wwould tell EK, that there will be customers coming to pick up the goods," she said.

Vivick considers that the shabu that is circulated has a good quality.

"It is alleged that the evidence is obtained from China," she said.

Vivick explained that EK had been dealing shabu for six months. The action was performed starting from the introduction with someone initials B in one of the discotheque in the area of West Jakarta.

At that time, B offered the drug business to the EK, and since the EK was unemployed, finally accepted the offer.

From the hands of the suspect, police managed to secure 25 packages of shabu in the brochure, which are sold for IDR800,000 to IDR1.5 million per package.

"So in this brochure there is a carton that is folded in two, and inside the carton there is a package of shabu, with the intention hiding the evidence from X-ray scanners," she added.