Monday, 25 May 2020 | 11:49 WIB

Dengue Fever on the Rise in Sikka, Already Claiming 14 Lives

Dengue Fever on the Rise in Sikka, Already Claiming 14 Lives (antara)

MAUMERE, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sikka Regent Fransiskus Roberto Diogo has acknowledged that one of the main causes of the high number of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) cases in the district is attributed to poor drainage. This in turn had created a large amount of standing water.

"One of the causes of high dengue fever in this district is poor drainage," he told reporters in Maumere City, Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

Fransiskus said said there are currently around nine locations of standing water in Sikka District due to poor drainage. These locations of standing water later became mosquito breeding ground, and resulted in an increase in dengue cases in 21 districts in the regency.

Until now, the number of dengue fever cases in Sikka Regency has reached 1,216 cases, and claiming 14 lives.

Meanwhile, Fransiskus also said that all the 21 districts in the district had been affected by DHF cases, and of the 21 districts, there were three districts that contributed the most dengue fever cases, namely Magapanda District that reported 172 cases, Nita District with 149 cases, and Alok District with 134 cases.

He further said that to improve drainage infrastructure in the area, the regent stressed that during 2020 his administration would shift the budget to improve and build better drainage.

"This year, we will shift some of the budget which we feel is less useful, because this year we are more focused on health and environmental issues," Fransiskus added.

He also said besides the drainage problem, environmental cleanliness was also the cause of the increase in dengue cases in the district. Besides that, problems such as climate change are also a factor.

"The level of awareness of all of us to maintain cleanliness is still lacking. Well, we are all wrong, the government and society," he said.

Therefore, he said, the rise of dengue fever cases is a lesson for all communities in Sikka Regency to jointly manage the surrounding environment so that it becomes clean.