Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:46 WIB

Perdopsi: If You‘re Sick, Don‘t Fly

Perdopsi: If You're Sick, Don't Fly (traveling)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Association of Indonesian Aviation Medicine Specialists (Perdopsi) recommends that sick passengers avoid flying. This message is included in the association's slogan: "If you're sick, don't fly!" This is an effort to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

Dr. Wawan Mulyawan Sp.KP, Chairperson of Perdopsi, explained about the slogal so that healthy people can still fly and feel safe when flying.

"The main target is how to keep the people confident enough to use airplanes. The tagline (slogan) that we use is ‘if you're sick don't fly. This tagline wants us to 'endorse' that healthy people can fly and not getting infected," Wawan said.

Because, he said, as many as 80 percent of people tested positive for corona virus without showing symptoms, and those who showed symptoms were only 15 percent and those who were really sick were five percent.

On the same occasion, Dr. Ahmad Hidayat said the case was not detected from the airport due to the incubation period of the virus for 14 days. This means, he continued, the passenger could have been infected with a virus but did not cause symptoms.

"If someone escapes it might still be an incubation period," he said.

According to him, equipment at the airport is adequate and the airport has also performed according to procedures, such as mandatory body temperature checks with a scanner (thermal scanner) or thermal gun as well as checks on passengers from South Korea, Iran and Italy or passengers who have travel history those countries must have a "health care alert" certificate from the local health authority.

On the same occasion, the aviation observer from Communicavia said that the airport was only a filter rather than a fortress to prevent the entry of the corona virus.

In this case, he assessed depending on how the Ministry of Health as the "leading sector" communicates to the public and the Ministry of Transportation implements mitigation measures.

"This is how the Ministry of Health communicates, if I look at the equipment at the airport, all thermal scanners at 37 degrees above are detected, whether it's food, cellphones, cameras," explained Wawan.

He also assessed that procedures carried out by international airports in Indonesia were like those in other countries, which had bigger cases, including having to include health care alerts for foreigners in Italy, Iran and South Korea, as reported by Antara.