Thursday, 01 October 2020 | 19:39 WIB

Moeldoko: Resource-Rich Indonesia Can Become Global Leader in the Future

Indonesia Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko (setkab)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko says Indonesia could become a world leader in the future, as the country owns a variety of resources, especially human capitals.

"I imagine that Indonesia has superior national resources and human capitals. We can become world leaders in the future. All of the resources are here in Indonesia," Moeldoko said.

Moeldoko said Indonesia could become a world leader because it was rich in national resources and human capitals that are competitive with other countries.

He considered that currently developed countries basically do not have adequate national resources. However, fast-growing countries such as South Korea and China have superior human capitals.

As reported by Antara, Moeldoko said that to push Indonesia forward, the Government considered and formulated five important things that must be done together.

First is Indonesia being a country where none of its people is left behind to achieve their goals. Second, namely a democratic Indonesia whose results are enjoyed by all the people. Third, Indonesia, where every citizen has the same rights before the law.

The fourth, said Moeldoko, is that Indonesia has mastered world-class science and technology. Fifth, Indonesia is able to protect and secure the nation and country in an increasingly competitive world.

He also stressed, Indonesia is in a rapidly changing global environment and many phenomena occur with complex risks. So, there is no change that does not bring complexity. Therefore, Indonesia must be able to face various global challenges.