Saturday, 08 Augst 2020 | 19:12 WIB

Riau Islands Reports Fourth Positive Coronavirus Patient

Riau Islands Reports Fourth Positive Coronavirus Patient (api)

BATAM, NETRALNEWS.COM - The number of patients tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus in Riau Islands Province has increased to four. The Indonesia Ministrty of health has reported another positive case in the city of Batam.

The four patients tested positive for the coronavirus in Riau Islands consist of one patient in Tanjung Pinang, one in Karimun Regency, and two patients in Batam.

"Based on the results of a swab inspection conducted by the Batam BTKLPP analyst team, which was directly sent to the Ministry of Health, today it was confirmed with positive result," said Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi.

The patient, a 32-year-old male citizen from another area in Indonesia, had only been in transit in Batam.

The patient is currently in the care of an isolation room at BP Batam Hospital.

The patient traveled from his home region to Malaysia, then to Paris, France, and returned to Indonesia by transiting in Singapore and Batam.

The patient had complained of his health condition since he was still in Paris, and had time to seek treatment there. The patient also claimed that while in Paris he had contact with a friend who had cough and fever.

As reported by Antara, on arrival in Batam, the patient's condition was not getting better, so he went to the hospital, which then referred him to the RSBP Hospital for complete examination.