Tuesday, 07 July 2020 | 00:50 WIB

Death Toll from Coronavirus in Indonesia Reaches 32

Death Toll from Coronavirus in Indonesia Reaches 32 (dailynews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Achmad Yurianto, Indonesian Government Spokesperson for the Handling of COVID-19, said the number of positive cases for COVID-19 in Indonesia has jumped from 60 to 369 cases. The death toll from the coronavirus has also risen by seven to become 32 since the virus first spread in Indonesia.

"There are additional new cases that we recorded from March 19 at 12:00 Indonesian Western Time until noon today. There are 60 new cases, so that the total number of positive cases is 369," Yurianto said at a press conference for the Task Force for the Handling of the 19th COVID Handling in Graha BNPB in Jakarta, on Friday (03/20/2020).

The highest number of cases are in Jakarta with 32 cases (total 215), seven cases in East Kalimantan (total 10), six cases in East Java (total 15), three cases in Bali, two cases each in Banten and Central Kalimantan, and one case each in West Java and Riau Islands.

Meanwhile, deaths from coronavirus have risen by seven people, namely six people in West Java, and one person in Jakarta.

Yurianto, who is also the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health, also reported that 17 people have now recovered from COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Earlier on Thursday (19/3), the positive cases of COVID-19 stood at 309, with 25 deaths. Based on data submitted by the COVID-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling, 16 people have recovered from the disease yesterday.