Tuesday, 29 September 2020 | 21:03 WIB

Two West Java Officials Tested Positive for Covid-19 after Attending Meeting

Karawang Regent Cellica Nurrachdiana (gobandung)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - West Java governor Ridwan Kamil says Karawang Regent Cellica Nurrachdiana has positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. This statement was made by Ridwan, also known as Kang Emil, through his social media upload, on Tuesday (03/24/2020).

Kang Emil clarified that he conveyed this statement with permission from the Karawang regent and her family. The Covid-19 test taken by Cellica Nurrachdiana showed positive result.

"With the permission of the person concerned, I report that Mr. Yana Mulyana, Deputy Mayor of Bandung and Mrs. Cellica Nurrachdiana, Regent of Karawang, have taken co-19 tests, and the results were positive," Kang Emil said.

Kang Emil further said that the two officials had carried out self-isolation, and were in good health. He then invited the public to pray for the patients affected by Covid-19, and for them to have speedy recovery and return to duty.

"Let us pray that both of them will recover quickly and be able to return to duty because the country desperately needs the presence of these officials," he said.

The two officials had participated in the West Java HIPMI Regional Meeting event in Karawang on March 9, 2020. In connection with the meeting, There were four participants from the regional meeting who were then tested positive for covid-19 coronavirus.