Tuesday, 19 January 2021 | 10:14 WIB

Jakarta Administration Launches Website to Tackle False Information and Hoax

Jakarta Administration Launches Website to Tackle False Information and Hoax (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Jakarta Provincial Government continues to make efforts to prevent the spreading of false information or fake news related to the Jakarta administration. The spirit to fight the spreading of false information is implemented by creating an information and clarification channel named Jakarta Lawan Hoaks (Jala Hoaks).

The information channel, which is managed by the Public Information Services Section, which is under the Public Information Sector, the Office of Communication, Information and Statistics of Jakarta Province, is carried out with the aim of monitoring and receiving reports of false information (hoax) that are shared widely by the public through social media. The website's team then conducts clarification of the truth about reports of false information (hoax) that the team received from the public.

"This is done in order to prevent false information from circulating in the public, one of which is related to information on Covid-19," said Head of the Jakarta Provincial Communication, Informatics and Statistics Office Atika Nur Rahmania.

In addition, Atika added that this channel was created to provide education through digital literacy to the public, and the public in Jakarta in particular, to fight hoaxes and always spread positive content to others directly and through social media.

She said the Jala Hoaks website is managed by a team that is tasked with verifying the reports of the public that are received through the WhatsApp hotline related to news in Jakarta that were assumed to be hoax.

The clarification is carried out related to disinformation, namely hoax information that is distributed intentionally and has the potential to deceive, harm, damage, and/or fool the public. It was also explained that the Jala Hoaks channel had categories, including:

1) Fabricated content: new content that is intentionally created and designed to deceive and harm;

2) Manipulation of content (manipulated content): when an information is manipulated to damage or deceive;

3) Imposter content: when the original source is copied;

4) False context (false context): when the original content is matched with wrong context information;

5) Misleading content: use of misleading information to frame an issue or individual;

6) Information not related (false connection): when the title, image, or description does not support content;

7) Allusions/parody (satire or parody): there is no intention to do harm but has the potential to trick.

Furthermore, the results of this hoax clarification are displayed through:

1. Website at http://data.jakarta.go.id/jalahoaks;

2. Social media: Instagram: @jalahoaks; Twitter: @jalahoaks and Facebook: jala.hoaks

To find out the validity of information circulating on various social media or to report hoax information, the public can send reports via WhatsApp number 0813 5000 5331.