Tuesday, 07 July 2020 | 00:25 WIB

Ombudsman Discloses Potential Maladministration of Covid-19 Patient Services

Ombudsman Discloses Potential Maladministration of Covid-19 Patient Services (templehealth)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Greater Jakarta Ombudsman Office has found potential hospital service maladministration for Covid-19 coronavirus patients. One of them includes the additional requirements for conducting rapid testing for people who want to go to the hospital for non-Covid-19 diseases.

This test (Rapid or PCR) is used as a prerequisite for hospitals before they handles non-Covid patients. The test must be funded by the patients themselves because it is not covered by the hospital, BPJS health social security, private health insurance, the central governmenr, or the regional governments.

"We see the potential for maladministration by the Jakarta Provincial Government in the supervision of health services by hospitals to patients," said the Head of the Greater Jakarta Ombudsman Office Teguh P Nugroho, in Jakarta, on Tuesday (05/05/2020).

Teguh said he was concerned about hospitals providing services to patients with chronic diseases, such as patients who need dialysis. There had been complaints by members of the Indonesian Dialysis Patients Community (KPDCI).

"The hospitals' handling of people who have chronic diseases have escaped from the observations of the local government. They had been automatically determined as ODP, must go through self-isolation, and referred for treatment of the disease in a referral hospital that does not have health facilities like these, or has the potential to be become positive Covid-19 when seeking treatment to a referral hospital," Teguh said.

He also worries about the situation because chronic illness patients have comorbidities that make them more vulnerable to Covid-19 coronavirus. For this reason, he requested the Jakarta Provincial Government to prepare mitigation services for the general public who seek treatment at hospitals, both for chronic illnesses and ordinary diseases.

"There are two steps that can be taken by the Jakarta Provincial Government, firstly the Rapid Test costs are borne by the Jakarta Provincial Government, and second, it provides a referral hospital for patients of chronic diseases who have implemented Covid-19 treatment standards without having to burden these chronic patients," Teguh explained.

In this case, Teguh claimed that his office have conducted and completed rapid assessments as one of the methods for evaluating the implementation of Phase I Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) measure in Jakarta.