Friday, 25 September 2020 | 20:23 WIB

Kebumen Regency Initiates Technology 4.0 to Address Coronavirus

Deputy Regent of Kebumen H. Arif Sugiyanto SH (special)

KEBUMEN, NETRALNEWS.COM - Kebumen Regency, with an area of ​​about 1,281 km² and a population of around 1.3 million people, is still the poorest district in Central Java. However, all the limitations experienced by this district has not immediately made Kebumen become lagging behind and losing in the biological global battle against the corona virus.

Right today, Monday (1/6/2020), on Pancasila Day, Kebumen District has launched Telesehat Desa, a program that builds health together with an online teleconsultation strategy for people with health problems, protecting vulnerable groups: children, pregnant women, seniors and sufferers of chronic diseases, as well as guidelines for New Normal life arrangements. The health program is also integrated with e-HAC (electronic Health Record) to monitor people entering and leaving Kebumen.

Deputy Regent of Kebumen H. Arif Sugiyanto SH said that this program was a manifestation of Pancasila.

"So we gave birth to this program on the commemoration of Pancasila Day. We know that the sky toll has united Indonesia from west to east, north to south with an optical fiber network that we can use to accelerate communication from the public to health workers, village governments, local governments, and the central government, "said H. Arif Sugiyanto SH.

On the same occasion, Head of the Kebumen Health Service Budi Satrio said: "This is what the community needs. People are confused about what coronavirus is, people are confused whether they are affected by coronavirus or not, and what should be done and how to survive. If all this is done face-to-face manually, it will even cause problems and continue the chain of transmission. If communication is done online, in addition to fast, it will be safe," he explained.

Budi said that raising public knowledge on Coronavirus will help win the battle against this virus.

"Aside from being able to also get rid of the hoaxes related to coronavirus that confuses people's understanding, the village health program also helps the public to know about the latest changes related to what must be done. In fact we have traditionally started from the beginning, we share the doctors' telephone numbers to the people in the villages, and Desa Telesehat complements what has been available so far," he explained.

Telesehat Desa is a collaboration between Kebumen district and the Indonesia Ministry of Health. The program will be developed in all villages in Indonesia.

When asked about areas that do not yet have internet and electricity, Deputy Regent of Kebumen said he was optimistic that the country would continue to strive to improve. The most important is that the infrastructure of the ring has already been installed, and this would create great enthusiasm.

The Kebumen Deputy Regent also said that this was a health revolution which was pioneered by telehealth and telemedicine.

"There are many great Indonesians who are also able to make teledetection for example blood pressure devices from long distances, long distance ultrasound and others. The presence of the industrial revolution in the medical world will accelerate the presence of countries in the health sector in all corners. And it needs to be understood, this is even cheaper and more efficient.

In his closing remarks, he said that Village Health was a manifestation of President Joko Widodo's nawacita. Arief appreciated the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, which "has painstakingly accompanied, assisted and supported our region. Only unity makes us strong," he concluded