Tuesday, 29 September 2020 | 22:10 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Life Assistance Aid to Landslide Victims

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Life Assistance Aid to Landslide Victims (kemensos)

BOGOR, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs handed over funds for life insurance to landslide victims in four sub-districts in Bogor regency. The four sub-districts are Nanggung Subdistrict, Cigudeg Subdistrict, Sukajaya Subdistrict and Jasinga Subdistrict.

Safii Nasution, Director of Social Protection for Natural Disasters Victims at the Ministry of Social Affairs, explained that as many as 4,188 families or 12,403 people received life insurance assistance worth IDR3,720,900,000.

Those who received assistance were spread in four districts, namely Nanggung sub-district as many as 933 families or 3,170 people. Cigudeg Subdistrict were 536 households or 2,051 people, Sukajaya sub-district were 2,704 households or 7,106 people and Jasinga sub-districts were 15 households or 76 people.

"This schedule is distributed as much as IDR10,000 per person per day for one month or 30 days," he said on Saturday (06/27/2020).

Safii admitted that his office had also given compensation to the victims who died due to floods and landslides which occurred at the beginning of the year amounting to Rp240 million to 16 heirs.

During the emergency response period after the disaster, the Ministry of Social Affairs also delivered logistics assistance in the amount of IDR1,230,000,000 and basic food assistance in the amount of 6,000 packages worth IDR1,200,000,000.

"During the emergency response period we submitted a total of IDR2,670,000,000 consisting of logistical assistance, death benefits, and food assistance. "In total, with life insurance assistance, the total aid to Bogor Regency is worth IDR6,390,900,000," he explained.

For information, the floods and landslides occurred in Bogor Regency, West Java Province, last January 2020. The disaster occurred due to high intensity rainfall in four sub-districts in the area of ​​Bogor Regency, namely Nanggung District, Cigudeg District, Sukajaya District and Jasinga District.

This disaster has claimed 16 lives and caused thousands of people to be displaced due to damage to homes. Seeing this, the Ministry of Social Affairs has taken several steps to deal with emergencies and the distribution of social assistance.

Assistance included Tagana's deployment to carry out disaster emergency response activities and public kitchen services, in addition to psychosocial support carried out by Tagana.