Saturday, 04 July 2020 | 22:07 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Proves Work by Sense of Crisis, Breakthroughs

Social Affairs Ministry Proves Work by Sense of Crisis, Breakthroughs (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Secretary General of the Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs Hartono Laras said the total budget cap of the Ministry of Social Affairs for the fiscal year of 2020 reaches IDR 104,453,849,680,000, up from the previous allocation of IDR 62.7 trillion.

As of today, IDR 63,064,116,571,279 has been realized (60.38%), including an additional allocation for the Covid-19 social assistance. The highest level of expenditure was on social assistance (bansos).

According to the Secretary General, with the high realization of the budget, it should be grateful and at the same time to be a momentum so that all ranks of the Ministry of Social Affairs are not complacent.

"Let us continue to accelerate and still adhere to the principles of budget accountability, and work with a sense of crisis," said the Secretary General during a press conference on Tuesday (06/30/2020).

The high budget realization certainly cannot be separated from the various breakthroughs made by the Ministry of Social Affairs under the leadership of the Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara, and the good cooperation of all work unit leaders, structural, functional officials, and support of all employees.

This was done in line with the direction of President Joko Widodo in order to encourage various breakthroughs to accelerate the distribution of aid, not get caught up in routines.

In the distribution of Cash Social Assistance (BST), the Minister of Social Affairs has instructed PT Pos Indonesia to increase the duration of services from morning to night, moving all resources.

"We have already instructed PT Pos Indonesia to also add counters and distribution point locations in the communities, such as village offices, village offices, schools, RW posts, and so on, so that services to the beneficiaries are closer," said the Secretary General.

Still related to BST, the distribution of aid was carried out simultaneously. Namely distributed in unison between the channel with updating data changes, to accelerate and improve the accuracy of the target.

Regarding the distribution of the President's relief food packages, a number of breakthroughs have also been made. Ie adding vendors from the previous five to 20s or more. Simplifying food items in 10 simplified items with the same value.

Then cooperating with Bulog in the distribution of social assistance in the form of Phase II and IV rice into one distribution. To accelerate distribution, and capture elements of society that have not yet been addressed by the Social Aid, the Ministry of Social Affairs also distributes Banpres groceries through the community.

For example with mass organizations, youth organizations, boarding schools, community of arts workers, theater, regional organizations, students and so on. To increase the speed of distribution to the community, additional transportation fleets are also being made.

"No less important is the breakthrough in the distribution of BST to cluster III, namely to the Remote, Isolated and Outer (3T) areas. To be effective, the Ministry of Social Affairs will distribute BST in three months at a time, in this region," he said.