Thursday, 13 Augst 2020 | 14:43 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Ready to Care for 305 Victims of Underage Exploitation

Social Affairs Ministry Ready to Care for 305 Victims of Underage Exploitation (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara says his office is ready to accommodate victims of exploitation by a sexual predator from France with the initials FAC. The Minister of Social Affairs also says his office ir ready to conduct social rehabilitations in several halls around Jakarta, if needed.

"Of course, if given the mandate to carry out rehabilitation, we are ready with all available resources to support during the legal process, and of course the psychosocial recovery of the victims, which totals to 305 children," Juliari said on Friday (07/10/2020).

The Minister of Social Affairs was accompanied by the Director General of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat and the Director of Social Rehabilitation of Children Kanya Eka Santi, and attended the Press Release on the case of the exploitation and sexual crimes case against 305 children by FAC at the Jakarta Metro Police Building.

Juliari said he was very concerned because some time ago he heard about cases of molestation against children and now it is repeated again. The Minister said there must be a more serious and synergic effort between all parties involved, both from the Police, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of PPA and the community in prevention efforts.

"We need an early warning system that is made better. I hope that the legal process runs, and the suspects get the equivalent punishment for crimes against children," said the Minister.

Metro Jaya Police Chief, Inspector General Nanang Sujana stated that FAC would be charged with multiple articles, could be sentenced to death sentence and even be subjected to chemical castration  under Law 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection which had undergone a second change to Law 1 of 2016.

"Thank you and highest appreciation to the Metro Jaya Regional Police for successfully uncovering this case. Hopefully there will be no more cases like this anymore," Juliari said.

Director General of Social Rehabilitation, Harry Hikmat said that prevention efforts were still being carried out and never broke up. The Ministry of Social Affairs has involved various parties including a national campaign for child protection. For certain cases/areas, it still needs to be improved.

Harry added, the involvement of LPAI, National Commission on Children, and the Child Welfare Institution (LKSA) was intensively carried out so that it could play a role in making efforts to socialize the importance of family responsibilities and protection of children in the surrounding environment. Because the risk of children in the immediate environment increases from day to day, he said.

"We have given the task to Social Workers to conduct socialization to schools. Telephone Child Social Service (TePSA) 1500771 with WA number 081238888002 can be contacted if there is a case of a child that occurred "said Harry further.

Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Nanang Sujana said that the Directorate General of Metro Jaya Police succeeded in disclosing the economic and sexual exploitation crimes against minors by FAC.

"The results of investigations into suspect (FAC) aged around 65 years show that since February 2015 he has repeatedly been in and out of Indonesia based on data from the Immigration," said Nana. FAC often walks around Jakarta carrying bags that have been modified to store cameras that record clandestinely.

Some hotels in the Jakarta area are rented by FAC in carrying out the crimes. It is suspected that the crimes may have been carried out since his arrival in Indonesia in 2015. The hotel room has been prepared in such a way as a photo studio, which is decorated using backdrop cloth, lighting effects, fans and so on.

According to investigators, information was obtained that FAC committed obscenity under the guise of photography of underage girls. The suspect used to walk into the crowd of street children, then they were approached and cajoled, then invited/offered to become photo models. The victims were then taken to the hotel.

FAC then conducted sexual acts with the child victim and videotaped the crimes using 3 (three) cameras, some hidden. If the child victimrefuses to have intercourse, they will get rough treatment in the form of beating, kicking, slapping, and not being given money. A child victim who agreed to have sex with FAC was given a reward of IDR250,000 to IDR1 million.

The Jakarta Metropolitan Police has seized evidence in the form of 21 clothing costumes used by the victims for making obscene videos. Furthermore, 1 laptop unit found 305 names of child victims containing photos and videos. In the investigation process over the past 3 months, a total of 17 victims have been identified from 305 children who have been victims of sexual exploitation.

"The crime case committed by FAC is classified as Child Sex Groomer. It means that the perpetrator will dress the victims, most of them street girls who are persuaded by giving something in return for money.

"Children who are considered willing, they bring to the hotel. They also take advantage of children who have been victims, bringing their friends to the hotel room," Nana said.