Wednesday, 30 September 2020 | 13:53 WIB

Commission VIII Approves Budget of IDR30.9 Tln for Social Security

Director General of Social Protection and Security Pepen Nazaruddin (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs seeks to provide protection for disaster victims through the provision of adequate logistics and conditional social assistance/aid for poor vulnerable families.

This is a follow-up to the Work Meeting of the House of Representatives Commission VIII with Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara on September 3, 2020. At the meeting, the commission agreed on the Ministry of Social Affairs' 2021 budget ceiling of IDR 92.8 trillion, one of the points of agreement to anticipate the increase in poverty due to Covid-19. The pandemic is predicted to continue until next year

"For the Social Protection and Security Program, the Ministry of Social Affairs prepares a budget ceiling of IDR 30.9 trillion," said Director General of Social Protection and Security Pepen Nazaruddin at a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with Commission VIII of the House of Representatives at the Jakarta Parliament Building, on Monday (09/14/2020).

The RDP, led by Deputy Chairperson of Commission VIII DPR TB Ace Hasan Syadzily, was attended by all levels of Middle High Officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs by presenting the Work Plan and Budget for 2021.

At the conclusion of the meeting results, Commission VIII DPR agreed to approve the proposed Work Plan and Budget submitted by the Director General of Social Protection and Security.

The Director General explained that to support the National Priority Program Target for Fiscal Year 2021, the Ministry of Social Affairs allocated a budget of IDR 30.4 T for the Family Social Security program with a target target of 10 million Beneficiary Families (KPM) in Indonesia.

Furthermore, the National Priority support budget for developing the environment, increasing disaster resilience and climate change, has prepared a budget of IDR 383.2 billion with a target target of 130,000 people.

To strengthen the stability of Political, Law, Defense, and Transformation of Public Services amounting to IDR100.2 billion with a target of 200 groups of people prone to social disasters and 1.2 million victims of social disasters.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also plans to set up a logistics warehouse to speed up services to disaster victims.

"Because the current warehouse cannot accommodate logistics, it is necessary to expand the warehouse with a plan to buy a more representative warehouse," he said.

Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH)

Regarding the Keluarga Harapan Social Security Program through PKH, Pepen explained that in 2021 there will be an additional component of beneficiaries for people with TB (Tuberculosis) who are included in the health component.

"The target is 9,000 people with TB disease with an index of IDR3 million per year. The goal is to use PKH recipients to take family members with tuberculosis to the clinic for regular treatment and to buy nutritious food," he explained.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health, Indonesia ranks second after India from 10 countries with TB, with 1,020,000 TB cases or 391 cases per 100,000 population.