Thursday, 29 October 2020 | 15:37 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Deliver Social Assistance to People in Tasikmalaya

Social Affairs Ministry Deliver Social Assistance to People in Tasikmalaya (kemensos)

TASIKMALAYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs, through the Directorate General of Social Empowerment has attention to residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including for Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT), disabilities, and art workers.

"We are here, as a form of concern for the central government through the Ministry of Social Affairs to distribute humanitarian assistance in the form of food packages for residents affected by Covid-19, including KAT residents," said Dharma Wanita Advisor of the Ministry of Social Affairs Grace Batubara in Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya City, Wednesday (09/16/2020).

Currently, said Grace, the condition of the Indonesian nation is facing the Covid-19 pandemic and many residents need help to ease the burdens they face on a daily basis.

"Previously, the Minister of Social Affairs has distributed Social Cash Assistance (BST), but this time the 112 basic food packages from the central government, hopefully they can be received well and ease the burden on the residents," Grace hoped.

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic requires a spirit of mutual cooperation, and for KAT residents to always maintain the preservation of customs and culture as part of the nation's wealth.

"Earlier, when I arrived, I imagined a traditional and isolated atmosphere, but when I entered I was greeted with hospitality and honestly I feel happy here," said Grace.

A resident of Kampung Naga, Sugana admitted that he was grateful for the assistance from the central government and according to existing customs, the neighborhood (RT) head and residents who needed it would receive it.

"In principle, we never ask and if there is assistance, the neighborhood chief will distribute it to residents who need it," said Sugana.

Shortly before leaving Kampung Naga, Grace took the time to buy souvenirs in the form of palm sugar, crushers, and hats. She also had a friendly chat with the residents of Kampung Naga.

The visit was continued to the Tasikmalaya City Arts Council and meeting with artists and cultural observers who would receive humanitarian air in the form of basic food packages.