Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 12:28 WIB

House Commission VIII Supports Social Affairs Ministry’s 2021 Budget Plan

House Commission VIII Supports Social Affairs Ministry's 2021 Budget Plan (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Commission VIII of the Indonesia House of Representatives (DPR) have conducted a work meeting with the Ministry of Social Affairs, with the discussion of adjustment of work plan and budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs results of the Discussion of the House Budget Board and Actual Issues.

"According to the results of the discussion of the House Budget Agency, the Ministry of Social Affairs' Budget for 2021 is IDR92,817,590,291,000," said Social Affairs Minister Juliari P Batubara at Commission VIII DPR, Nusatara II Building, Jakarta, on Wednesday (09/23/2020).

The Minister of Social Affairs was accompanied by Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hartono Laras, the Director General, Inspector General, Head of Agency, and related Echelon II officials.

The budget includes budget allocation in the Secretariat General Work Unit of IDR2,052,314,886,000; Inspectoral General of IDR33,408,503,000; Directorate General of Social Empowerment of IDR406,207,360,000; and Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation of IDR1,241,485,787,000.

There is also budget allocation for the Directorate General of Social Protection and Security of IDR 30,773,505,300,000, Directorate General of Poor Management of IDR57,926,152,505,000, Badiklit Pensos of IDR384,515,950,000. Thus, the total is IDR92,817,590,291,000.

Meanwhile, the allocation of 99.21% of non-operational expenditures consisted of, among others, shopping for goods, capital expenditures, and the largest expenditure for social assistance, 0.55% for personnel expenditures of IDR511,925,510,000; 0.24% expenditure for operational goods of IDR 220,635,766,000 or breakdown for social protection of IDR 91,122,985,946,000, and management support of IDR 1,694,604,345,000.

"It is clear that most of the budget posture is used for social protection activities," said Juliari.

The Work Meeting is chaired directly by the Chairman of Commission VIII DPR Yandri Susanto who accommodates various input from members, both those present in the room or through virtual connections.

Commission VIII provides alternative solutions, including through revision of the current budget for several programs that have not been allocated in the Budget Ceiling, among others, to strengthen the revitalization of social rehabilitation centers with international standards.

Strengthening preparedness (emergency assistance, evacuation equipment, disaster prepared vehicles, disaster prepared villages and construction of logistics warehouses); Additional social entrepreneurship targets for community economic recovery.

Strengthening the Puskesmas as the spearhead of services, receiving complaints and referrals to the Social Welfare Service Government (PPKS); Increased target for Rutilahu Hospital; Strengthening the supervision and accountability of the administration of social welfare.

Rehabilitation of office buildings/structures and facilities, including open space preparation, public relations and publication support, human resource management, drafting of laws and regulations and legal assistance.

In addition, ensuring that the distribution of social assistance is really on target and appropriate considering the amount is very large and needs to be supported by an accurate database, ensuring that the implementation of social protection programs, social assistance, and other social service programs can measure the outputs and outcomes as well as their benefits. -monitoring and evaluated periodically;

Also, prioritizing social assistance in the form of cash transfers because of the benefits that are felt by the community; and encouraging the Ministry of Social Affairs to increase tighter supervision of e-warong in the BPNT/ Staple Food Program.