Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 12:20 WIB

Natuna Residents Express Joy at Receiving Social Aid during Pandemic

Natuna Residents Express Joy at Receiving Social Aid during Pandemic (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Abu Bakar, a resident of Teluk Lampa, Natuna, has expressed joy at receiving assistance from the Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs. 50-year-Abu Bakar, who works as a fisherman, said he was greatly helped by the food packages he received from the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) social service activities.

"I thank you very much for the given assistance. As a fisherman, my income is uncertain. Especially now that it is the wind season and there is a pandemic. This assistance is very helpful when income is almost non-existent," Abu said on Friday (09/25/2020).

The pandemic hit Abu's condition badly. Various restriction measures have significantly affected fishing activities, and the impact is reduced income.

"Income has been much reduced due to the decline in fishing activities. Besides, the wind was strong right now. That's why this help is very useful because it comes at a very difficult. Thank you, Minister of Social Affairs, "he said.

The same thing was conveyed by Airin, who is one of the beneficiary families (KPM) of the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) Cheerful in Ranai City. Apart from receiving assistance from PKH, the 43-year-old woman also received Rice Social Assistance.

“It really helps me and my family. Moreover, during the Covid period, it was very difficult to make a living. Thank you Ministry of Social Affairs, this assistance can meet our basic daily needs," she said.

There are two types of social assistance witnessed by the Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Juliari P Batubara in Natuna, namely the #KemensosHadir basic food aid and Cash Social Assistance (BST). For basic food assistance, 985 packages were distributed through the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla). Sebako social assistance is then distributed to 2,552 people at the border.

Then also, the Ministry of Social Affairs determined as many as 5,784 BST beneficiary families (KPM) in Natuna Regency with a total value of IDR 1,735,200,000. In addition, as many as 3,175 KPMs in Natuna Regency were also listed as part of the Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT)/Staple Food Program, with a total value of IDR 7,302,500,000.

Thus, from the two types of social assistance, the people of Natuna Regency received a total of around IDR 9 billion. The Minister of Social Affairs stated that these various assistance are expected to help ease the burden on the communities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.