Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 12:33 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Assigned the Social Security Net for Covid-19 Handling

Social Affairs Ministry Assigned the Social Security Net for Covid-19 Handling (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Ministry of Social Affairs has been assigned the Social Security Net (JPS) mechanism for residents affected by Covid-19 through regular and special programs.

The regular programs include the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) and the Basic Food Program (Non-Cash Food Assistance/BPNT) which had been ongoing before the Covid-19 pandemic.

This statement was made by Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara during an audience with Attorney General ST Burhanuddin at the Attorney General's Office of Education and Training Building, on Wednesday (09/302020).

The regular program distribution mechanism has been strengthened, previously being distributed once every three months, to every month (April - December 2020) and the value of assistance has increased as an effort to maintain the purchasing power of Beneficiary Families (KPM).

"In addition, PKH and the Basic Food Program experienced an expansion of aid recipients during Covid-19 to 10 million PKH KPMs, and 15.2 million KPMs for the Staple Food Program, which were increased to 20 million," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Affairs' special program in handling Covid-19 includes the Basic Food Staples Aid (Presidential Assistance) of IDR 600,000/family/month for 1.3 million households in Jakarta and 600,000 households in parts of Greater Jakarta for three months.

There is also Cash Social Assistance (BST) of IDR600,000 for nine million households outside Greater Jakarta (503 districts/cities), also for three months. Data on Special Assistance recipients are received by the Ministry of Social Affairs from district/city governments.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is working with Himbara (BNI, BRI, Mandiri, BTN) and PT Pos Indonesia to distribute BST.

The two special social assistance programs were extended in Phase II, for 6 months (until December), each with a value of IDR300,000/family/month.

Most recently the Ministry of Social Affairs launched Rice Social Assistance (BSB) with a total target of 10 million KPMs. The amount of assistance is 15 kg of rice/month/KPM for three months.

Furthermore, there is also cash social aid for as many as 9 million KPM of Non-PKH Basic Food Program (BPNT), worth IDR500,000/KPM in one channel.

"We ensure that budget management meets the principles of accountability and transparency. Our arrival is to strengthen cooperation with the Attorney General's Office for oversight and supervision in budget management," said Minister of Social Affairs Juliari after the hearing.