Tuesday, 20 October 2020 | 14:01 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Cash Social Assistance in Surabaya

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Cash Social Assistance in Surabaya (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - That day, Wednesday (7/10/2020) at the Kebon Rejo Post Office, Surabaya City, East Java, there was an unusual event for the distribution of Phase VII Social Cash Assistance (BST) while still implementing the health protocol.

The event was attended by Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara, Managing Director of PT Pos Indonesia Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini, and a number of other important officials.

Of the residents present, there was a happy hue that could not be hidden on the face of Mulyati, a resident of Asemrowo, Surabaya City.

After being recorded by the environmental committee a few months earlier, she is now one of the residents who received BST of IDR300,000 from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

"Since there was Covid-19, my business as a tailor has been quiet, but thank God, by receiving assistance from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, it feels great that words cannot be expressed," said the widow.

Mulyati said that she had received social assistance every month starting last August, and it really helped meet her family's daily needs, including paying for electricity, water, and buying rice.

"I am very grateful for still receiving BST of IDR300,000 from the Ministry of Social Affairs amid the Covid-19 pandemic," said Mulyati with tears.

It turned out that the feeling of happiness that day did not belong to Mulyati alone, but also shared by online ride hailing motorcycle driver Ali. Ali had gotten very few passengers when Covid-19 broke out.

"I am grateful that I have received BST six times from the Ministry of Social Affairs, and hope that conditions will return to normal as before the Covid-19 pandemic," said Ali, with a thick dialect of East Javanese.

Indonesia President Joko Widodo showed concern for the fate of the common people by rolling out various social assistance, one of which was from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in the form of BST.

BST was launched specifically for residents affected by Covid-19, in order to reduce the burden and increase people's purchasing power as a result of the pandemic.

Not only that, BST is expected to be able to ease the burden of life for residents who have lost their jobs or been sent home because their workplaces are not operating.

Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) released data on the realization of BST in Surabaya City Phase I May-June totaling 172,807 Beneficiary Families (KPM), Phase II June-July 169,601 KPM, Phase III August totaling 168,291 KPM.

Meanwhile, for stage IV in July, there were 166,400 KPM for stage V in August, 166,400 KPM.

BST recipients receive cash assistance of IDR600,000 per head of family every month for three months and IDR300,000 per KPM every month for six months.

The target recipients of BST in the City of Surabaya are 225,255 KPM with a total value of Rp 67,576,500,000.

"Until today, out of 1.2 million BST Phase VII recipients in East Java, 1.19 million people have been realized or 99.12 percent, so that only 10,000 families are left," said PT Pos Indonesia President Director Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi.

Of the total 1.2 million BST recipients in East Java, in the City of Surabaya as many as 162 thousand KPM. Currently, in Surabaya, 161 KPM have been realized or 99.43 percent achieved so that only 932 families are left.

Every day there are 16,000 BST recipients in all districts/cities in East Java, especially on Saturdays and Sundays there can be up to 43,000 BST recipients.

"Of course, for PT Pos this is a tribute from the Minister of Social Affairs to distribute BST. Hopefully it will become a religious charity and make a real contribution to the recovery of the National economy," hoped Faizal.