Saturday, 28 November 2020 | 00:58 WIB

Social Affairs Minister: Optimism is Prerequisite for Recovering from Pandemic

Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara (standing) (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P Batubara emphasizes that optimism is a prerequisite for Indonesia to be able to get out of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The Social Affairs Minister hopes that all components work together to build mutual optimism.

“Great nations have experienced destruction before they can progress. There is no nation that can grow large just like that," Juliari said on Monday (10/19/2020).

He said this was due to the hard work of all levels of the Ministry of Social Affairs. In this way, budget performance continues to increase, as indicated by high budget realization. As of October 19, from a budget cap of IDR134,008,919,106,000, the Ministry of Social Affairs has spent IDR110,285,014,760,530 (82.30%) of the budget, or the highest among other ministries and institutions.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is also one of the busiest ministries in the midst of this pandemic. The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for a budget of IDR134.008 trillion for tens of millions of beneficiary receivers (KPM). However, Social Affairs Minister Juliari emphasized that in the midst of this pandemic, the Ministry of Social Affairs will continue to focus on reducing the rate of stunting.

Juliari said that in accelerating stunting reduction, access to health services for pregnant women and toddlers must be ensured to continue and, not stop in the midst of this pandemic.

"President Joko Widodo instructed the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health as the leading sectors in handling stunting," he said.

The Ministry of Social Affairs already has two programs that have been running so far, namely PKH and the BPNT Program. The two programs cover very large targets and are effective in supporting the handling of stunting problems. On the other hand, the two programs also have components that are directly related to the health agenda.

For example, in PKH (Keluarga Harapan Program), there are seven components, four of which are health-related, namely pregnant women, toddlers, the elderly and disabilities. The remaining 3 components are related to education.

The Staple Food Program/BPNT has also experienced an increase in the index, from the original amount of IDR110,000/KPM/month to IDR150,000/KPM/month. In handling the impact of Covid-19, the index has increased to IDR200,000/KPM/month.

In line with the increase in index, additional types of commodities were also made. Namely, from initially rice and eggs, then it is recommended to buy meat, fish, chicken, and beans.