Saturday, 28 November 2020 | 00:25 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Social Aid to Three Regions in Lampung

Social Affairs Ministry Distribute Social Aid to Three Regions in Lampung (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Social Affairs, has distributed Social Assistance in the form of basic food packages for residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in three districts in Lampung Province.

The basic food packages were symbolically delivered by the Ministry of Social Affairs Dharma Wanita Advisor Grace P Batubara, accompanied by the Ministry of Social Affairs Director of Social Assistance Fund Resources Management (PSDBS) Hotman, in Central Lampung, East Lampung, and South Lampung.

Symbolization of the delivery of aid in the form of a mock up was given to the Head of the Foundation or LKS, followed by the delivery to several recipient residents.

In her speech, Grace Batubara said that the social assistance provided was a form of the government's concern for the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This social assistance program is a concrete manifestation of the government's concern through the Ministry of Social Affairs for the people affected by Covid-19. I hope this assistance can ease the burden on the communities," she said, Friday (11/20/2020).

The visit of Grace Batubara to Lampung brought a total of 4,500 food packages worth IDR900 million with the following details.

First, 2,000 basic food packages in Central Lampung are centered in Lempuyang Bandar Village, Way Pangubuan District, through the Bintang Timur Jaya Lestari Foundation.

Second, in East Lampung, 250 basic food packages will be distributed to Gunung Mekar Village, Jabung District, through the Surya Bakti Social Welfare Institution (LKS) and 250 other basic food packages to V Ringin Sari Hamlet, Sumber Gede Village, Sekampung District, through LKSA Ainul Fatah.

Third, in South Lampung, there are 2,000 basic food packages that will be delivered to Fajar Baru Village, Jati Agung District, through the Pelita Fajar Baru Social Foundation.

In closing, Grace Batubara advised that the assistance provided could be used properly.

"Please use this assistance properly, and we pray together that this pandemic will end soon and everyone can be as active as before," she added.