Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 20:44 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Set to Follow Up on President’s 2021 Directives

Social Affairs Ministry Set to Follow Up on President's 2021 Directives (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian President Joko Widodo, accompanied by Vice President Ma'ruf Amin, and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati, has submitted the Budget Implementation List (DIPA) and the List of Transfer Allocation to Regions and Village Funds (TKDD) at the State Palace, in Jakarta.

Social security remains a priority in the 2021 State Budget, with a budget of IDR408.8 trillion. In his statement, the President instructed expenditure to be actualized from the beginning of the year to encourage the acceleration of development.

The goal is for the State Budget expenditure to trigger economic growth as early as possible. President Joko Widodo also gave direction to Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P. Batubara to distribute social assistance and aid to beneficiaries by early January 2021.

"The aim is for public spending to increase so that public consumption rises, which in turn also drives the economy at the lower levels," the President said on Wednesday (11/25/2020).

"The Ministry of Social Affairs is ready to follow up on the President's direction. One of the handling of the impact of a pandemic is carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs through regular social assistance, which includes the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) and the Non-Cash Food Aid/Staple Food (BPNT) program. We can encourage it so that at the beginning of the year the assistance can be distributed to the beneficiaries," Minister Juliari said.

On this occasion, Social Affairs Minister Juliari symbolically received the DIPA memory directly from the President. This is a representation of several focuses of the Indonesian Government spending in 2021, one of which is social security. Apart from that, the opportunity to symbolically receive the DIPA memory directly from the President also takes into account the performance of budget and financial management.

Furthermore, Minister of Social Affairs Juliari said that in handling the impact of Covid-19 through regular social assistance, the Ministry of Social Affairs has increased the aid index and expanded the participation. For PKH, the Ministry of Social Affairs accelerated the disbursement of aid from every three months to monthly per KPM.

PKH membership is expanded from 9.2 million KPMs to 10 million KPMs. The PKH Program Budget for 2021 is set at IDR30.4 trillion. Moreover, the Staple Food Program/ BPNT, membership is expanded from the original target of 15.2 million KPMs to 20 million KPMs for the Staple Food Program in 2020. In 2021, the participation of the Staple Food Program/BPNT is set at 18.5 million KPMs.

In order to deal with the impact of the pandemic, the Staple Food Program index/PNT was increased from IDR150,000/KPM/month to IDR200,000/KPM/month. The Basic Food/BPNT Program budget for 2021 is set at IDR44.7 trillion.

"In addition, to overcome the impact of the pandemic that is still being felt, we are also continuing to provide cash assistance for 10 million KPMs, with an index of IDR200,000/KPM in 2021. The total budget we have prepared is IDR12 trillion for the January-June 2021 period," Juliari said.

In 2021, the Ministry of Social's budget ceiling is IDR92.817 trillion, of which IDR91.005 trillion is social assistance budget. In 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs budget continued to rise significantly in line with the assignment of the state to handling the impact of the pandemic. From the indicative budget of IDR62.8 trillion, it continues to increase to IDR124 trillion, and finally to IDR134.008 trillion.

Although the Ministry of Social Affairs budget has increased, its performance is satisfactory. "This can be checked from the realization of the Ministry of Social Affairs budget which is at the highest level among ministries and institutions," he added.

Referring to mid-November 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs budget realization has reached 90%. Meanwhile, the social security budget in the 2021 State Budget is set at IDR408.8 trillion.