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House Appreciates Fast Merapi Eruption Response of Social Affairs Ministry

House Appreciates Fast Merapi Eruption Response of Social Affairs Ministry (kemensos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has responded quickly to handle victims affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi. Since the eruption occurred, the Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed logistical assistance, as well as activated Tagana and the field public kitchen with a total assistance worth IDR1,746,706,984.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs has taken disaster response steps. We prepared refugee needs such as tents, logistics and psychosocial support. We are in a position to support local government efforts in dealing with the impact of disasters. The total aid that we have distributed is worth more than IDR 1.7 billion," said Social Affairs Minister Juliari P. Batubara in Jakarta, in a written statement received by Netralnews, Friday (27/11/2020).

The aid from the Ministry of Social Affairs for the handling and preparedness of Mount Merapi to the Yogyakarta Provincial Government is given in the form of Logistic Assistance worth IDR622,019,700 and Family Multipurpose Tents of 10 units worth IDR248,000,000. Therefore, the total is IDR870,019,700.

Logistical assistance for the Provincial Government in the form of 600 packages of children's food, 500 sheets of mattresses, 1000 sheets of mattresses, 1000 sheets of blankets, and 300 pieces of clothing packages.

Then assistance to the Central Java Provincial Government is in the form of Logistic Assistance of IDR628,687,284 and 10 units of Family Multipurpose Tents worth IDR248,000,000, for a total of IDR876,687,284.

The Central Java Provincial Government's logistical assistance is in the form of 712 packages of children's food, 500 mattresses, 1000 mattresses, 1000 blankets, and 300 clothing packages.

On a different occasion, Director of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims, Syafii Nasution, stated that apart from tents, the Ministry of Social Affairs also mobilized 349 Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) personnel, as well as public kitchen support assistance to the social service (Dinsos) for officers and volunteers at the main Pakem post and at the Glagaharjo village hall for refugees.

Safii ensures that the logistical reserves in the provincial warehouses are ready. So, if there is displacement due to a disaster, logistics can be distributed quickly to the victims.

Regarding Merapi refugees, he said, so far disaster management is still at the district scale. So that the Ministry of Social Affairs is in a position to provide support to local governments in accordance with disaster management management regulations, amely, Law 24 of 2007 concerning Disaster Management. "However, if needed, Bufferstock is ready to be mobilized," he continued.

According to him, to fulfill the basic needs of the refugees, the Social Service of the Special Region of Jogjakarta has prepared a public field kitchen for the refugees until the emergency response period on November 30.

This is in accordance with the Sleman Regent's emergency response decree. In addition, family kits have also been distributed according to the needs in the field. "Other urgent needs have been processed according to conditions in the field," he continued.

"We also provide social protection to vulnerable groups, there are some adult refugees. They also evacuate because they take care of their elderly families and toddlers, "he said.

On a different occasion, the Ministry of Social Affairs, together with Commission VIII of the House of Representatives, provided assistance of 180 sheets of sleeping mats and blankets for refugees at the Glagaharjo Refugee Post, Kapanewon Cangkringan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

The assistance was handed over by Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII Ace Hasan Syadzily, accompanied by the Head of Sub-Directorate for Preparedness and Mitigation of the Ministry of Social Affairs Iyan Kusmadiana to refugee representatives.

"This assistance is a form of mutual concern, between the Ministry of Social Affairs and the People's Representative at the Indonesian Parliament for the Merapi eruption refugees. We see that the handling of refugees here is good, so we provide sleeping mats and blankets to make the refugees more comfortable," said Ace Hasan.

According to him, with this assistance it is hoped that the majority of refugees who are vulnerable groups can ease some of their burdens and open up access to health facilities and clean water. "Hopefully it can help maintain the health of the refugees," he said.

On the same occasion, Iyan Kusmadiana said that the assistance provided considers the urgent needs of refugees. "There are still many refugees who sleep only on mats. So we provide assistance in the form of thicker bedding and blankets," he said.