Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 21:20 WIB

Tagana Responds Quickly to Site of Landslide Disaster in Sumedang

Tagana Responds Quickly to Site of Landslide Disaster in Sumedang (kemsos)

SUMEDANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has ordered all ranks of the Ministry of Social Affairs to move quickly to the location of the landslide disaster in Sumedang, West Java.

The landslide disaster occurred in Bojongkondang, Cihanjuang Village, Cimanggung District, Sumedang Regency, West Java.

On Saturday (01/09/2021) at 16:00 local time, high intensity rain that had fallen for some time had triggered a 30-meter high cliff to come crashing down, causing landslide that struck 15 houses.

Until now, data is still limited due to another landslide that occured at 19:30, in which emergency and search and rescue personnel were also reported to have been buried by the landslide.

Based on temporary data, the number of victims found was 15 people. Search operations continue to be carried out by Basarnas, TNI, Polri, Tagana BPBD Sumedang. Coordination continues to be carried out by the West Java Provincial Social Service and the District. Sumedang.

Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana) and P3A Social Affairs Office at the Ministry of Social Affairs have set up a public kitchen at SD Cipateuag to supply 500 packets of lunch.

Meanwhile, the 15 bodies that were found are:

1. Suhanda

2. Cahyo Riyadi

3. Diding

4. Dudung

5. Yedi

6. Wildan

7. Yani

8. Nardianto

9. Engkus Kuswara

10. Captain Inf Setyo Pribadi

11. Beni Heriyanto

12. Nurdin

13. Dani

14. Unidentified

15. Unidentified