Friday, 05 March 2021 | 23:00 WIB

Social Affairs Minister Guides PPKS in Working at Waskita Karya

Social Affairs Minister Guides PPKS in Working at Waskita Karya (kemsos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has sent 15 People Needing Social Welfare Services (PPKS) to work for PT Waskita Karya. At the state-owned construction company, they will be given jobs that match the skills they master.

The Social Affairs Minister emphasized that PPKS guidance to their placement in employment is not only carried out at the Ministry of Social's office in Bekasi or Jakarta, but also at the social welfare centers owned by the Ministry of Social Affairs throughout Indonesia. The Social Affairs Minister is sure that by getting a routine job at Waskita Karya, the PPKS will get a better income and life.

"I asked about their income, and it was IDR30,000, and that was sometimes it was for the two of them. We can imagine how difficult for them to rent a house, let alone buy one," said Risma when handing over the PPKS to start working at PT Waskita Karya, in Bekasi, on Thursday (01/21/2021).

Accompanied by Director General of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat, Risma said that before the PPKS can be independent, they will stay at the Ministry of Social's office. She ensured that the Ministry of Social Affairs' social welfare centers throughout the country would work to provide training to PPKS, not only centers in Bekasi or Jakarta.

The social welfare offices throughout Indonesia will partner with Waskita Karya in opening opportunities for PPKS assisted by the Ministry of Social Affairs to work on their projects throughout the country.

"Later on, there will also be jobs for them at Waskita Karya throughout Indonesia, and not only here," Risma said at the PT Waskita Karya Project location in the Becakayu Toll Road area.

So far, the Ministry of Social Affairs is still preparing 12 more people who are ready to work. Risma hopes that they are not interested in going to Jakarta to find work. It is better if they work in their respective domiciles. "So, the burden on their income is lighter," continued Risma.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Waskita Karya Destiawan Soewardjono supports the Ministry of Social Affairs' decision.

"There are opportunities in the project. Moreover, these PPKS have received training, and we think this is good. So, we don't need to train them a lot. Moreover, the work in this project is menial work that everyone can do," he said.

Destiawan added that Waskita Karya has many projects that can accommodate PPKS, as long as the project still has many activities. "We will also prepare a place for them," he continued.

One of the PPKS at the Pangudi Luhur Social Rehabilitation Center for Ex-Homeless and Beggars (BRSEGP) in Bekasi who will work at Waskita Karya, Pertinatus Aunsi (44) from Manado, North Sulawesi, expressed gratitude, and hopes for the future.

“Thank you to Mrs. Risma, and Pangudi Luhur Bekasi for giving me the confidence to work here. My hope is that in the future I can save money to buy a house," he said.

Pertinatus has received various kinds of training at Pangudi Luhur Bekasi, such as cultivating catfish, making compost skills, cultivating hydroponic plants, and mechanics.