Friday, 05 March 2021 | 23:12 WIB

Tagana Cadets Assist in Aiding Flood Survivors in South Kalimantan

Tagana Cadets Assist in Aiding Flood Survivors in South Kalimantan (kemsos)

BANJARMASIN, NETRALNEWS.COM - A total of 10 Disaster Preparedness Cadets personnel from the Province of Central Kalimantan are taking part in providing assistance in handling floods in South Kalimantan.

This shift in personnel was not easy. They were caught in a flood one day and night at the flood site near the Tabuk River, before arriving at their destination.

Now, as many as 10 Tagana South Kalimantan personnel have worked hand in hand with their counterpart from Tagana South Kalimantan, other disaster management teams, as well as the wider community to help with disaster management.

Alhamdulillah (thank God), Tagana South Kalimantan has arrived at the BBPPKS shelter in Banjarmasin. They have activated public kitchens to help the food needs of the affected residents, "said the Head of the Banjarmasin Social Welfare Training and Education Center (BBPPKS) Salahuddin Yahya in Banjarmasin (01/21/2020).

Salahuddin Yahya would like to thank the Governor of Central Kalimantan and the people of Central Kalimantan for the permission to assist Tagana Central Kalimantan. According to him, this is also a reflection of brotherhood and solidarity among fellow countrymen.

He said the assistance from the 10 South Kalimantan Tagana personnel had made the brotherhood atmosphere stronger. As a neighboring province, the Tagana team's cross-territory care is a bond that must not be faded. For flood management, various agencies have distributed aid.

For the flood survivors, he Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed a total of IDR2,597,410,610 assistance. Namely consisting of logistical assistance of IDR2,241,980,610, package of evacuation environment and public kitchen equipment of IDR250,000,000, and rice of IDR105,430,000.

As of today, BBPPKS Banjarmasin has assisted 285 flood survivors, of which 221 people have been recorded as of this morning. Some of them came on their own initiative to the hall.

However, the Head of BBPPKS Banjarmasin, Salahuddin Yahya, and his entourage also actively visited the flood pockets to pick up refugees. One of them is in Malintang Village, Banjar Regency.

"We coordinate with local authorities to help residents who experience floods. The residents were picked up to get a comfortable place to spend the night with their families. We also welcome residents who come with makeshift items, "he said.

In the hall, various services are provided to refugees. The Psychosocial Support Service Team (LDP) provides daily psychosocial strengthening and support, enhancing the self-confidence of survivors with various recreational activities in an effort to overcome trauma to the disaster.

The team disseminated health protocols, namely using masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The target groups consist of toddlers, children, adolescents, mothers, fathers, pregnant women and the elderly.

Groups of toddlers and children have activities to play together, draw, sing and express themselves in interesting games.

This activity was carried out in collaboration with LDP Social Counseling Center of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Banjarmasin City Community Social Extension, and counselors and psychologists from the City Police of Banjarbaru and the South Kalimantan Regional Police, volunteer students of the Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic.

Special guest

Apart from the survivors, BBPPKS also welcomed a special guest. The special guest is a tiny baby weighing 2.9 kg who was born when her mother Juwita Ningrum (33 years) took refuge at the Center. The delivery process went smoothly on Tuesday (01/19/2021), assisted by health workers from the Idaman Banjar Baru Regional Hospital.

"We facilitate the childbirth with the help of local health workers. Alhamdulillah, the delivery was normal, the baby and mother are healthy," he said.