Friday, 05 March 2021 | 23:42 WIB

Jakarta Administration Anticipates Extreme Weather Until February 24

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan (antara)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan says he has anticipated the extreme weather prediction which will happen in Jakarta until February 24, 2021. The anticipation can be seen during the flood on Saturday (02/20/2021), which receded in one day.

Anies said the anticipation can be seen from the staff's alertness and quickness in handling the situation during the rain so that the flood can be receded instantly.

"The anticipation has been going on since yesterday. Thank God, it can be receded in one day. How is it possible? It can happen because of the staff's alertness and the alert status has been there since a few days before," he said at Jalan Kemang Raya, South Jakarta on Sunday (02/21/2021).

Anies also has noted down the areas that have flood risk so that the pumps and monitoring can be deployed immediately.

"We have noted down the neighborhoods that have flood risk. When water inundates, the pumps and monitoring can be deployed," he said.

The governor continued that Jakarta has three principles in facing floods. The first principle is being alert in facing the flood. The second is being quick if there is a problem. The last one is raising funds.

"Fortunatey, the first principle can be done and Jakarta return to normal today," Anies said.

Even so, he said Jakarta is not fully free from the flood. That is why he urges the citizens to stay alert.

"Are we 100% free from the flood? No, we are not, yet. In West Jakarta, around Kali Angke, the water comes from upstream. It can cause floods. However, hopefully, we are ready to face it and I want the citizens to stay alert, just as BMKG has informed," he said.

Anies also expressed gratitude towards all parties who have helped him in dealing with the floods in Jakarta.

"I am here to ensure and to appreciate those who have worked hard. I want to express gratitude and appreciation towards the citizens, the head of social organization, humanitarian organization, and community organization who have helped Jakarta citizens during this tough time," he said.

Previously, the Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) predicted the extreme weather to reoccur from February 23rd to February 24th. From the previous prediction, the heavy rain falls in Jakarta and its surrounding on Saturday (2/20/2021) which caused flood in 113 neighbourhoods with 342 hamlets all over Jakarta.

Based on BPBD data, until Sunday (2/21/2021) at 15:00, there are 15 neighbourhoods that consist of 29 hamlets that are still affected, from the total of 30,470 hamlets in Jakarta or 0.095%. The number has decreased compared to Saturday (2/20/2021) where the number reached 113 neighbourhoods with 342 hamlets.

For the number of evacuees, there are 1,332 people from 384 families and all of them are from the East Jakarta region. The number has decreased from the previous day which is 3,311 people that are spread in 44 evacuation locations.

In addition, there are five people who passed away due to the flood. The Head of DKI Jakarta BPBD, Sabdo Kurnianto states that four victims are children and one victim is an elder man (67 years old).

"The victim is a 67 years-old man who got locked in his house in Jatipadang, South Jakarta. Other than that, the other four victims are kids, consisting of three boys in South Jakarta and West Jakarta who got carried away by the flood when they were playing, and a seven years-old girl who got drowned in West Jakarta," Sabdo added.