Friday, 05 March 2021 | 23:47 WIB

Health Ministry: SinoVac Vaccine is Safe for Usage

Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi M. Epid, spokesperson of COVID-19 Vaccination at the Indonesian Health Ministry (netralnews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi M. Epid, spokesperson of COVID-19 Vaccination at the Indonesian Health Ministry, says SinoVac contains dead viruses and the dosage has been confirmed to be injected in the vaccination target. She emphasizes that the vaccine will not cause any disease, and is able to give body stimulus by providing an antibody.

She also expressed concern to several cases where health workers and public figures were infected with COVID-19 after the first vaccination. Most of these health workers and public figures, who have received the first vaccination, have not received the second dose of vaccination.

"The vaccine does not cause any disease. The health workers who are positive with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms during the vaccination," she said during an online press conference on COVID-19 vaccine adverse events following immunization (AEFI) on Monday (02/22/2021).

She explained that 40% of COVID-19 cases are from people who have symptoms. The remaining 60% of cases are from people who have light symptoms or even do not experience any symptoms.

For the COVID-19 incubation period, it has to be done for 14 days. During the fifth to sixth day, before the symptoms appear, an exposure to the virus can happen before people receive vaccination.

"We emphasize that SinoVac is safe and has a good quality. It has obtained emergency use permission from the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (BPOM). It means that the vaccine is checked for its safety and the injection will not cause any diseases," Siti Nadia said.

The vaccination is also given for the health workers who are about 60 years old. Until recently, her office has not received any report about AEFI.

In the same opportunity, the Head of the Post-immunization Follow-up Events National Commission Prof. Dr. dr. Hindra Irawan Satari Sp.A(K)., MTropPaed, said that not all AEFI are related to immunisation. There are several things related to AEFI, such as defective products, the products that have no efficacy, wrong way of injection, or even anxiety reactions.

"So, it is not because of what the vaccine contains, but because of the process during the vaccination, such as anxiety. It is not related to the immunisation," he said.

He explained that to make sure the AEFI, independent research teams are needed. Therefore, the Health Ministry forms a National Commission that consists of members from various professions.

"About 64 percent of vaccination responses are related to the anxiety caused by the immunisation process. It is not caused by the immunisation," Hindra said, based on the reports from 22 provinces.