Friday, 05 March 2021 | 23:43 WIB

Jakarta Administration Extends Large-Scale Social Restrictions to March 08

Jakarta Administration Extends Large-Scale Social Restrictions to March 08 (tmcpoldametro)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Jakarta Province administration has extended the large-scale social restriction measures (PSBB) to March 8, 2021, with the aim to press the spreading of active cases and to maintain the number of isolation rooms available in Jakarta.

This way is decided by the Jakarta Province Government based on the data from the Jakarta Health Services Office that showed the extension of PSBB, that was previously implemented from February 7th to February 22nd, could press the number of active cases in Jakarta.

Widyastuti, Head of Jakarta Province Health Services, said on Monday (2/22/2021) that there is a significant decrease of active cases per February 7th, from 23,869 cases to 13,309 cases on February 21st.

"The active cases rate, which has decreased, is also caused by the rise of recovered patients per February 7th with the number of 265,359 people and percentage of 90.3%. On February 21st 2021, the number increased to 310,412 people with the percentage of 94.5% from the total national recovery which is 85%," she said.

Along with the active cases decreasing, the number of bed occupancy ratio (BOR) for both isolation rooms and ICU rooms have shrunk recently. It shows that the Jakarta Government's effort to add the capacity of isolation rooms and ICU rooms is really effective to raise the patients' recovery.

Widyastuti said there are 5,921 rooms filled out of 8,259 rooms per February 5th 2021, which percentage is 72%. Per February 21st 2021, along with the additional rooms, it increases to 5,461 rooms filled out of 8,321 rooms, which percentage is 66% from the total capacity.

"On the other hand, ICU rooms capacity also decreased. Per February 5th 2021, the ICU rooms capacity is 1,133 rooms and there are 842 rooms used, which percentage is 74%. On February 21st 2021, the capacity is 1,156 rooms and there are 817 rooms used, which percentage is 71% from the total capacity," she explained.

Even though there is a decrease, both in the active cases and the rooms capacity, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said that the citizens should stay alert and keep following the 3M health protocols (wearing a mask, washing hands, and social distancing).

What makes it hard to hold these active cases is the extreme rain that falls on Greater Jakarta recently. It causes lots of flood and forces the citizens to evacuate themselves.

"The Jakarta Province Government has prepared evacuation posts with a strict health protocol, testing facility for the evacuees who have symptoms, and isolation tents for those who are positive with COVID-19," said Anies.

Even though the trend shows a significant shrink, Anies emphasizes that his parties will keep improving the testing, tracing, and treating capability.

It is done by improving the number of testing, funding the coordination, and collaborating with several parties to do the tracing. In addition to that, they also improve the ICU rooms and isolation rooms availability in hotels and Wisma Atlet.

"The existence of controlled isolation rooms is really helpful to press the virus spread, especially in the family cluster which still dominates Jakarta. If there is someone who gets infected, they should be isolated to cut the risk of contagion," Anies said.

The Jakarta Province Government extends the large-scale social restriction period, which follows the instruction of Java-Bali Restriction on Public Activities (PPKM), until March 8th 2021. It is decided through the Governor Decree Nomor 172 Year 2021.