Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 12:24 WIB

Social Affairs Ministry Delivers Gift Auction Proceeds to the Elderly and PPKS

Social Affairs Ministry Delivers Gift Auction Proceeds to the Elderly and PPKS (kemsos)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Social Affairs Ministry has symbolically delivered aid from the auction of unexpected gifts to the elderly and People Needing Social Services (PPKS).

"Proceeds from the auction of the unexpected gifts will be given to the elderly and PPKS or beneficiary receivers," said Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini at the Social Affairs Ministry Lobby, accompanied by Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto, in Jakarta on Thursday (03/04/2021).

The auction proceeds will be given to three groups. The first group is the benefits receivers from Social Rehabilitation Hall and Social Welfare Institution (LKS), and they will obtain IDR2,674,751,158. The second group is the disaster victims and they will get IDR809,092,288. The last group is the elderly in Jakarta, and they will be given health equipment worth IDR33,362,000.

The total auction proceeds that the Social Affairs Ministry delivered is IDR3,517,205,446.

The auction proceeds were symbolically delivered from the Directorate of Social Assistance Fund Resources Management to several social centers in the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation: a laptop is given to Andy Prayogo from Bekasi Tanmiyat Disabilities Hall; a laptop is given to Rudi Hamdan from Jakarta Melati Disabilities Hall; a laptop is given to Ahmadsyah Rosa from Jakarta Bambu Apus Residence Hall; a laptop and a washing machine are given to Aminah from Bekasi Pangudi Luhur Creative Hall; a TV, refrigerator, and washing machine are given to Irfansyah from Jakarta Mulya Creative Hall.

Moreover, there are packages given to the elderly from the Director General of Social Rehabilitation through the members of the Jakarta Regional Representatives. The packages are given to a benefits receiver named Minah.

Similar aids are given to the elders through Banten Province Social Welfare Institution which is represented by the Head of Pandeglang LKS LU Pusaka Az-Zahra. The aid are divided into five packages: wheelchairs, disinfectants, hand sanitizer, gun thermometer, ear-loop masks and head-loop masks.

For the health equipment given to the elderly, there are five Avico Appola wheelchairs, seven Stella wheelchairs, five boxes of multi one ear-loop masks, five boxes multi one head-loop masks, five jerry cans of four litres hand sanitizers, five jerry cans of five litres disinfectants, five pieces of clock gun thermometer, 11 packages of nutrition, and four boxes of diapers. All of them are worth IDR33,362,000.

The unexpected gifts that are not taken by the winner will be given to the Director General of Social Protection and Security for disasters handling. The gifts are blenders, balls, water dispensers, fans, gas stoves, lamps, clothes, umbrellas, cutleries, cooking wares, rice cookers, blankets, shoes, and vouchers.

There are also the unexpected gifts that are given to the Director General of Social Rehabilitation for the benefits receivers. The gifts are TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, home theatre & speakers, air coolers, cleaners, coffee machines, data saver tools, party clothes, vehicle spare parts, dictionaries, merchandises, beauty products, batteries, accessories, office electronics, handphones, vehicle tools, and bags.