Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 11:25 WIB

Social Affairs Minister Expects Better Social Services for People in Need

Social Affairs Minister Expects Better Social Services for People in Need (kemsos)

TEMANGGUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini has re-emphasized how important it is for the ministry to improve its services for the public. For that reason, she hopes that the Technical Service Units (UPT) of the Social Affairs Ministry will be able to meet the various needs of the public.

In the future, the Social Affairs Minister expects that the UPT in various regions can meet various needs of citizens. For example, when a citizen feels that they have not received any assistance, they can report to the centre. The centre will prepare ambulances for the citizens in need.

"So, if there is a centre for the blind, the services provided are not only for people who are blind. It can also be for the elders and others. A call centre will be activated later. A hearse will be provided as well to help the citizens in needs," Risma said.

The statement was delivered by the Social Affairs Minister when she inaugurated the Temanggung Kartini ATENSI Creation Centre from the Social Rehabilitation of People with Intellectual Disabilities on Friday (03/05/2021).

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, Temanggung Regent Muhammad Al-Khadziq, members of House of Representatives Commission VIII, members of Indonesian DPD, and Echelon 1 and 2 officials also attended the event.

Social Affairs Minister Risma does not want the underprivileged people, whose family died, to bring the body with a motorbike because they cannot afford to rent an ambulance. The centre is also expected to help the citizens who send reports about the social assistance.

Another role in improving the welfare of underprivileged people is by providing vocational and entrepreneurship training, such as the establishment of ATENSI Creation Centre in Bekasi and Temanggung. In Temanggung, a new type of business is added, which is laundry.

In the same opportunity, Risma said that before establishing the two ATENSI Creation Centres, the Social Affairs Ministry had assisted five kids with drug abuse problems in Mojokerto, East Java. On their own will, they managed a café that now has lots of customers.

The Social Affairs Minister hopes that by adding more kinds of services, there will be more citizens in needs who get served. In a different opportunity previously, Risma also stated the importance of widening the centres' roles.

The Social Affairs Ministry is aware of the significant challenge that they have to face, especially in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic that has been going for more than one year and is uncertain when it ends.

One of the pandemic impacts is there are lots of citizens who lose their houses.

"We provide a solution by setting up rent flats for the former scavengers and the homeless. We also open jobs opportunities through ATENSI Creation Centre," she added.

She also said that when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, there were lots of scavengers and homeless who are prone to get infected because they did not have a place to live.

She ensures that she will gradually plan a function change of the Technical Service Units through minister regulations. Besides that, she also will coordinate with related ministries including the Bureaucratic and Administrative Reform Ministry.