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How This Youth Organization Turned a Slum into a Thematic Tourism Village

How This Youth Organization Turned a Slum into a Thematic Tourism Village (kemsos)

SERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - It was still 10 o'clock in the morning, after going through a fairly heavy road during the month of Ramadan when arriving at Karang Taruna (Youth Organization) of Kampung Pipitan, Walantaka District, Serang City, Banten Province.

Behind the fence painted yellow walls and a wide white signpost with the upper left writing, Karang Taruna is flanked by shady trees, slightly reducing thirst in an open building equipped with a beautiful reading garden, there are small pavilions for relaxing, and 2000 meters for various gallery.

The Karang Taruna Pipitan office adjacent to the Urban Village office is equipped with a cafe, a place to sell handicrafts, a small stage for performances, and complete with various musical instruments.

It is good to visit Karang Taruna in Kampung Pipitan, and it turns out that it has a myriad of stories and qualified achievements that deserve thumbs up for other youth organizations, who have paved the way for change in front of young people.

In the past, Kampung Pipitan was known as a slum and was once a landfill. Armed with a strong determination, Akhyadi changed the slum face of the village into a Thematic Tourism Village.

The man in the blue shirt, which is typical of the Youth Organization, said that he has been active as a member of the Youth Organization since 2013. Thanks to his seriousness in organizing, he was appointed in 2018 to become the head of the Karang Taruna Karang Taruna Village.

As the day turned to noon, Akhyadi said that after being elected chairman, he started a breakthrough to build public awareness to care more about the environment with various programs to revive Kampung Pipitan.

the developed programs include education, culture, creative economy, public relations, and information technology.

The flagship program is developed to improve the welfare of the community, in the form of the Pipitan Tourism program. Previously, forming a Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdaris) involved various elements, such as youth, society and related agencies, such as Kelurahan, Kecamatan, and the Tourism Office.

Over time, Akhyadi admitted that it was not easy to direct people to be aware of the potential of their environment. Everything is done so that the community starts to realize the importance of a healthy environment and the village can continue to be developed into a thematic village.

"In the beginning, changing the village was not easy, because it has been difficult for the people who live there to change their mindset from generation to generation," said Akhyadi, Wednesday (28/4/2021).

Residents are beginning to understand their own environment, especially those dealing with cleanliness. The Pipitan Tourism Village was successfully inaugurated by the Mayor of Serang, Subadri Usuludin in 2019.

Kampung Wisata Pipitan started from a creative park and then became a self-centered village since 2013. "Changing to a tourist village goes through stages that require excellent patience," he said.

Each visitor will get a very diverse education, starting from the culture in Banten to the culture that was born directly in the village, in the next development there is artificial tourism.

Akhyadi hopes that in the future, the government can pay attention to the Youth Organization. Not only in Kampung Pipitan but also throughout Banten Province.

"Coaching must continue to be carried out for the Youth Organization, including guidance and assistance for both Provinces, Cities and Districts," hoped Akhyadi.

The condition in the country is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic which has become an inspiration by initiating education for the visitors of Kampung Pipitan.

"The condition is still Covid-19 and has become an inspiration to create the Covid-19 alley where visitors are introduced to Covid-19 in the residents' alley which is packaged in a mural," he concluded.