Sunday, 16 May 2021 | 15:11 WIB

This PKH Recipient is Able to Send Her Children to Universities

Sari Sapariah, one of the Keluarga Harapan Program recipients in Sumedang (kemsos)

SUMEDANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - One of the efforts by the Indonesian government to alleviate poverty in the country is through the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH). This program is implemented by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

PKH, which is developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, has helped many poor families to reach the ideals of their beneficiary families (KPM) so that they can send them to higher education.

This was experienced by Sari Sapariah, a resident of RT 002/001, Sasaklemah, Cibungur Village, Rancakalong District, Sumedang, West Java. Sari received PKH assistance from 2008 to 2018.

"Alhamdulillah (thank God), for 10 years PKH assistance has helped our family, as we were able to send our children to college," said Sari when met at her home, on Saturday (04/24/2021) night.

It is not easy, said Sari, where the environment still adheres to young  'marriage' and the average education is low. However, with strong intention and enthusiasm, it encourages children to focus on learning and continue their education until college.

"Gratefully, my son Nurul Awalina is eager to go to school even though he is not in the city, but those who are close to home and in junior high and highschools get achievements, and it is increasingly motivating to continue learning and achieving," she said teary.

Although she could not meet all the needs of the school, Sari admitted that with the PKH money, the benefits were very beneficial to finance his children's education.

"PKH assistance must really be used for school needs, books, and to support other schools. Don't use it to buy something else, but prioritize supporting high-achieving children to achieve their goals," Sari said.

After graduating from high school, Nurul Awalina studied at the PGSD of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) to get a Bidik Misi scholarship and continued participating in PPG in Bogor. With all the struggle to apply for CPNS and succeed in becoming a teacher as he aspires.

Nurul's younger brother, Aditya Nurahman, did not want to be outdone by his brother, he also made achievements in school and went to college. He is now busy studying for the sake of pursuing his dream of becoming an architect.

Every day, the woman who was born in Tasikmalaya 1971 becomes a teacher at Early Childhood Education (PAUD) near her home and her husband works in a workshop but over time has left his job.

After graduating naturally, Sari invited other recipients to give opportunities to other people who had not received PKH yet, so don't just keep on receiving it.

"I am grateful to be KPM-PKH until I graduate naturally. I invite other recipients to take turns with others so they can feel the assistance and don't be just PKH recipients," she added.