Sunday, 16 May 2021 | 16:26 WIB

Community Social Workers are at the Front Line to Alleviate Poverty

Community Social Workers are at the Front Line to Alleviate Poverty (kemsos)

WEST KARAWANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Community Social Workers (PSM) are at the forefront of Social Welfare services in Indonesia. Referring to the Regulation of the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs No. 10 Year 2019, PSM is a Social Welfare human resources (HR) whose work area is in villages or sub-districts, and has the status of a social volunteer.

Even though they work voluntarily, PSMs have significant contribution in alleviating poverty. One concrete example is in Karawang Regency, West Java.

Danilaga, Head of Social Empowerment at the Karawang Regency Social Services Ofice,said the existence of PSMs was able to support various programs that were being intensified by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

He said PSMs help poor families to get access to hosing repairs, ensure that information on the Keluarga Harapan Program (PKH) is well received by beneficiaries, and help poor families to become part of the Joint Business Group (KUBE) in urban and rural areas.

"It is inseparable from the role of the PSM. PSMs participate in it. This (program realization) is the extent to which the PSM friends can move quickly," said Danilaga at the Karawang Regency Social Service Office, on Monday (05/03/2021).

Danilaga gave an example, PSM was even involved directly in the process of delivering invitations to PKH beneficiary families (KPM). On the other hand, PSMs also provide a way for poor families to get health services.

"We focus on poverty alleviation. This has branches, not only health services, but education, as well as improving the socio-economic conditions of the poor," he added.

There are at least 927 PSM people in Karawang Regency, which are spread over 309 villages/wards. Danilaga said that this amount could help deal with issues of People Needing Social Welfare Services (PPKS) in the region.

On a separate occasion, Oop Sopia Husen, who is one of the PSMs from Tanjungpura Village, West Karawang District, said he and his team had helped many People Needing Social Welfare Services (PPKS).

"We (PSM) are equally incapable (economically), but we can help others with our energy. At least we are in our strength," he said.

He recalled, some time ago there was an underprivileged family who had difficulties in financing hospital services.

PSM, said Sopia, went directly to play an active role in helping and accompanying them. Likewise when there are people with disabilities and people with mental disorders who need help.

"Besides taking care of patients, we are still fixated on current data collection. We continue to update the data. Many of the PSMs are also operators for data inputs. That is, the soonest we come home is at 10 in the evening," Sopia said.