Monday, 06 July 2020 | 06:58 WIB

This Smart Tattoo Changes Color to Match Your Blood Sugar Levels

This Smart Tattoo Changes Color to Match Your Blood Sugar Levels (hms)

JAKARTA, NNC - With the increasingly rapid advancement of technology, there are now many tools and applications that can detect blood sugar levels in the body, such as smartwatch or applications in smartphones.

Technology has now made it possible to detect blood sugar levels through the application of tattoos. As reported from Tech Times, this smart tattoo was developed by researchers from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The researchers replaced traditional tattoo inks with biosensors that could change color if they detected interstitial fluid variations, ie fluid that enveloped skin tissue cells.

Therefore, this tattoo can help monitor the fluctuations in the health conditions of someone who uses it, such as dehydration or elevated blood sugar levels.

Biosensors in ink react to the amount of concentration of sodium, glucose and hydrogen ions in the body. researchers have developed two types of green ink. One will turn brown while detecting elevated blood sugar levels, and the other shines stronger under blue light when it detects an increase in sodium concentration.

"Smart tattoos can be applied to athletes to monitor their health levels, even applicable to astronauts to monitor their health while in outer space," said one of the researchers, Nan Jiang.

However, researchers still have to ensure that the biosensor is safe and non-toxic to the skin and does not interfere with normal tissue function.