Sunday, 05 April 2020 | 13:24 WIB

Music Can be Used in Therapies on Dementia

Music Can be Used in Therapies on Dementia (ist)

JAKARTA, NNC - There is a pretty good way to improve memory for people with Alzheimer's. One of them ia by listening to music.

Apparently, listening to music can make the human brain more active in recalling important memories.

From the opinion of the Regional Director of Alzheimer's Disease International Asia Pacific, calling the stimulation of past memories will evoke the emotions of people with dementia  positively.

DY Suharya said that listening to music and singing will activate the left and right side of the brains of dementia patients.

According to him, the brain will work thoroughly and make dementia patients use the capacity of the brain more than usual and spur various brain functions.

"In addition, listening to music for dementia patients can create a calmer mood and stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements," DY Suharya said.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Indonesia, Sakurayuki explained, listening to music can make dementia patients more calm in the face of sundown syndrome, the behavior when ODD experiencing disorientation and confusion before sunset.

Music can help dementia patients become more relax and make mood more awake. "While for young and elderly people who are not exposed to dementia, listening to music can reduce the risk of dementia in the future as it reduces the risk of depression," he explained.